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It’d be great if this could be made a sticky. has some threads like this so I thought it’d be good if we had our own, yeah?
So here we go:

These are available from ebay seller ‘dan_dans_treasure_chest’:

First up is the SP4. Very basic, it features speedometer and odometer with indicator lights for turn signals, high beam and neutral. Cost is $72.69 + $22 p/h

Next we have the SP3. It has speedometer, odometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and clock and also has indicator lights for turn, high beam, neautral and low fuel. Cost is $116.31 + $28p/h

Next is the SP6 with speedometer, tachometer, odometer and indicator lights for turn, high beam, neutral and oil pressure. Cost is $102 + $22p/h

And then comes the SP2. Displaying speed, tachometer, odometer and fuel in a similar package to the acewell series, it also features indicators for turn, highbeam, neutral, oil/temp and warning (I guess sidestand could be hooked to it). Cost is $102 + $22p/h

Last we have the SP7. This unit looks very much like the Koso RX-1N. It features speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel or temperature gauge and clock along with indicator lights for turns, high beam and neutral (displayed with P). Cost is $102 + $22p/h.

This unit is also available from another seller on ebay, waimaozhijia10 for the most modest sum of $50 + $15p/h.

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Okay so now we move on to the Trail Tech brand of gauges:
The trail Tech range do not come with indicators for turn signals etc, but an optional dashboard can be purchased. I reccomend shopping around for the these gauges. Check prices from your local motorcycle stores etc. The cheapest I have found is ebay .

First we have the Endurance. It is a basic gauge featuring speedometer, odometer and clock. Cost is $79.95 + p/h

Next up is the Vector featuring speedometer, odometer, temperature and clock as well as a seperate switch unit for operation on the go. Cost is $99.95 + p/h

Then we have the Vapor. The Vapor features speedometer, tachometer, odometer, temperature and clock. Cost is $129.95 +p/h

Last is the Striker. It features speedometer, odometer, temperature, clock, maintenance reminder and voltage display. Cost is $129.95 + p/h

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Up next we have the Koso brand. Eg,

I’m not going to list the many different gauges they make. Instead I’m going to refer you to their website, then the cheapest places i have found to purchase them from.
Now the two cheapest places I have found to purchase them from are these:,ape,lam,old,px,sma,max,atv,mot)&a=1&sort=0
This one is cheaper for the gauge, but postage to Australia is a real killer. You might want to check postage to your area, then check out this website:
These guys will do their best to price match their items. I found it cheaper to go though them.

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Okay so shall we move on to Acewell? Yes? Thank fuck ‘cause I’m starting to lose it. My hands getting more cramped than it does while watching Bay Watch re-runs! :LolLolLolLol:

Acewell has a variety of gauges also and I don’t want to go listing specs for each one. So as with the Koso’s I’ll just direct you to a few websites. Because of the change of ownership with Electrosport, we now have to pay much higher prices for the Acewells. Still, they are a great product....
Available from (thanks to someone from here for this): 3XXX series only starting from $145.45 p/h
And: from $129 + p/h
Also available from the an Aussie distributor at: but their prices are WAY over what you’d pay in the states.
I’ve also found Acewells on ebay and random foreign websites. My suggestion is to look up the model you want on the Acewell website then do a google search for the model number :thumbsup:

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Motogadget is our next supplier. Their gauges are pricey, but their quality is supposedly oustanding.
The Motoscope Mini is a very compact gauge. No fancy coloured displays, this is all red and ready for bed!

Features speed, tachometer, odometer and shift light and priced at 225 Euros including VAT (whatever the fuck that is) + p/h
It doesn’t include indicators for turn signals etc which is where this handy little addition comes in. Presenting the Motosign Mini:

5 LEDS which i presume can be used in whatever fashion the purchaser deems fit.
Priced at 81Euros inc VAT + p/h, if you can afford the Motoscope, this is a bargain!

The next gauge in the Motogadget range is the Multi-View. Now this is a very smart gadget indeed. It’s built right into a mirror!

It has all the same features of the Motoscope Mini but is priced from 369Euros inc VAT + p/h for the gauge side and from 109Euros inc Vat + p/h for the indicator side.

Now here’s some schmick looking old style gauges with some modern ware. Looking like a Smiths speedo whored it up with an Acewell and bornded these bastards, these gauges look very smart indeed.
Introducing the Motoscope Tiny, Motoscope Speedster and Motoscope Vintage:

They feature both analogue and digital speedometer, odometer and clock along with indicators for turn, highbeam, neutral and warning.
Priced from 235Euros inc VAT + p/h, I wish I could afford them!

Next inline is the Motoscope Classic. This is also a nice looking gauge.

Features include speedometer, tachometer, odometer, temperature, voltage indicator functions and much more that I’m too fat and lazy to list. Check Motogadget for full specs.
She’s priced at 439Euros inc VAT + p/h. Expensive, but very nice!
Also available with the same specs but in a black faced finish similar to the old Smiths, the Chrono-Classic is priced at 479Euros inc VAT + p/h:

So now I introduce the Motoscope Light:

Featuring the usual speed, tach, odo along with a few extras (check motogadget for full specs) from 339Euros inc VAT + p/h. An indicator assembly is also available (shown above with the Light) from 112Euros inc VAT + p/h.

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Onto Veypor:
These guys have 2 gauges available, the Veypor and the VR2. They are identical in appearance but differ in functions.

The best part about the Veypor range is that they are data loggers and all info can be downloaded onto your PC for analysing. They don’t come with indicators for turn signals etc but a dashboard is available.
The Veypor has a RRP of $159.99 and the VR2 $239.99.
They are available direct from Veypor or from a range of their dealers :
The cheapest place I have found for the Veypors is ebay.

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That's all I can handle for today. I've spent a good few hours compiling this lot. I'll look for some more another day.

Oh yah, if the mods feel this is in the wrong place, move it, I just thought seeing as this is the first place people go to ask about gauges it would best be placed here. PLEASE make it a sticky. Seriously, there's been like 3 or 4 gauge questions in the last week alone I reckon.

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i sold my old gauges for 120 a last weekend and have been looking for a replacement gauge, was going to go for a vaypor. but shit at 67 USD for that sp7 its only going to cost me 97NZD landed. id be a idiot not to give it a shot.

I have one one its way will let you know how it works out. if its shit i can just sell it on to some one here in nz for more than what i paid for it. Im a little concerned about the size of the thing but will see what it is like when it gets here.

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You all need to rep this kangaroo loving bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is alot of work gone in to that!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now this one would be a gamble:

This is the Daytona Asura. Daytona is a big supplier of aftermarket parts for Harley owners.
I emailed Daytona about the Asura to ask whether it would work on Jap bikes.
This was their respnse:
Kindly please understand we didn't test 100% of all models.
But for most of 4cyl bikes, our ASURA can work.
For 2cyl bikes, we're not sure if it can
because we didn't test with each bikes.
(For example, NSR50 was ok.)
The Asura features speedometer, tachometer, odometer, clock, dual temperature and fuel gauge. It also has indicator lights for turn signals, high beam, neutral, oil pressure and maintenance reminder.
I have found the Asura on ebay for $169.95 + $8.95 p/h : (link will obviously expire)
I’ve also found it here: for 149Euro + p/h
I’m sure there are a lot more places that sell it, look around!

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Ok here’s another supplier that I have personally only seen on Harleys. Introducing the Dakota Digital range:
These gauges are from their ‘Universal’ section, but there are no gaurantees they’ll work on your bike. I have emailed them but not yet received a reply.

*EDIT* I got an email back from Dakota on whether their gauges work for all bikes.
Our gauges will work on almost any bike. Mounting on a sport bike can be a challenge to say the least. We offer no mount bracket just because most bar configurations are not laid out like most cruiser bikes.
First up is the MCL-5100.

Featuring speedometer and odometer with indicators for turn, high beam, neutral, low oil pressure and check engine, she won’t win any comprehensive feature awards but it sure looks like a nice unit.
Priced at $374.95 + p/h this gauge would wanna be good!

Here we have the MCL-5200

Features speedometer and odometer with indicators for turn, high beam, neutral, low oil pressure and check engine.
Again priced at $374.95 + p/h

And here be the MCL-5400

Just like the 2 above this features speedometer and odometer with indicators for turn, high beam, neutral, low oil pressure and check engine.
Priced at $374.95 + p/h.

Onto the MCV-7100:

Features are too many to list but include speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel, voltmeter & oil pressure, along with indicators for turn, high beam, neutral, low oil and more. Check the website for full list of specs!
Priced at a whopping $524.95 + p/h, this one would REALLY wanna shine!

Next up, the MCV-7200:

Exactly the same features as the 7100, but in a meaner looking package: Speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel, voltmeter & oil pressure, along with indicators for turn, high beam, neutral, low oil and more. Check the website for full list of specs.
Priced is $524.95 + p/h.

Now the MCV-7300:

Once again, this too appears to have the same features as the 2 above: Speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel, voltmeter & oil pressure, along with indicators for turn, high beam, neutral, low oil and more. Check the website for full list of specs.
Price however is more at $624.95 + p/h.

Last one in the 7XXX series is the MCV-7400:

And yes, it appears to have the same features as the rest of the 7XXX series: Speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel, voltmeter & oil pressure, along with indicators for turn, high beam, neutral, low oil and more. Check the website for full list of specs.
Priced at $524.95 + p/h

This was not a complete list of the Dakota series. There are many more gauges on the site. Check it out!

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Right, via request, here’s a quick low down on the cheapies: Bicycle Speeometers!
The lowdown on bicycle speedometers is that they are a great budget way to track your speed.
I’m not going to go out and search the nets for the 1000’s of possible options on this. If a bicycle speedo is what you’re after, do your homework!
Things to consider if you decide to go with a bicycle speedo:

*Mostly don’t come backlit and when they do, it only stays on for a few seconds and you have to press a button for it to come on. Having said that, it’s easy to rig up an LED to shine on it. The trick is to angle the LED so as not to produce excessive glare.

*Speed, distance and clock are the only features of any use to you. You don’t get a tacho or indicator lights.

*It’s reported that wireless will not work due to engine interference. Go for a wired version.

*Cheapies don’t have a wide speed range and they may not have a large selection of wheel size choices. You really want one that you can input the wheel size in cm/inches yourself, and not have to choose a generic size: eg, 16”, 17”, 18”

*Need to make sure that the wire for the speed sensor is long enough to reach your from your mounting position to your sensor position.

Here’s a few that may be suitable:
First off we have the Cateye range:

The Cateye Velo5 was my personal choice:

Current speed
Maximum speed
Trip distance

Auto start/stop
Auto power-saving mode
Tire setting in inches and CM
Speed display up to 300 kph/185mph
New tool free universal mount ( 22 to 32mm diameter)

Prices would vary a lot. I bought mine from my local bike shop for under $30AU. Check out ebay or use google!
I’m sure other models in the Cateye range would be suitable. Check them out and decide for yourself!

Sigma is another player in the bicycle-come-motorcycle-speedometer scene.
The articles I’ve read have used the Sigma BC800. These are no longer made new, but you may be able to find some new old stock.
Looking on their website, they have a few suitable for motorcycle use.
This one seems suitable:

Features speed, distance and clock and available for under $20 from ebay.
Speed goes up to 199mph which is more than enough for the street, and besides if you get pulled over doing more than that, you can honestly tell the officer you don’t know what speed you were doing!
Check them out for yourself!

Topeak has some that may be suitable also:
The Panoram V12 Wired seems fit for duty:

Features speed, distance, clock . Can be had from ebay for under $30. Speed only read so 99mph/kmh but for legal street riding it’s okay.
Check out their other styles to decide suitability for your self!

Nanbeiyan MS-601 are another gauge that gets used:

Features speed, distance, clock and ambient temperature. It only displays a top speed of 99mph/kmh, which really, is ample for legal street riding. Also has an amber backlight. Backlight stays on for only a few seconds.
Under $10, check ebay for these!

This one looks similar to the Nanbeiyan. It’s a Sunding SD-558A:

Looking similar to the Trail Tech gauges, it just doesn’t have the features...or the price tag! (geeze I sound like a corny salesman)
These look like a revamp of the Nanbeiyans above with a fancy blue backlight.
Again, speed only goes to 99mph/kmh and the backlight doesn’t stay on, but hey, for $10, buy two and split one open to see if you can mod it to keep the backlight on with a switch. Ebay is your friend on this one folks.

As I said before, if you're considering a bicycle speedo, do your homework. No holding Kaos responsible if they don't work! For the cheap prices they can be, they are certainly a worthy alternative to the $$$ spent on dedicated motorcycle gauges.

lb/hp is what it's about!
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Thanks for bicycle speedo info. I know there are thousands and that I should do my own homowork to make sure it's right for me but I figured you would have a good idea of what to start looking into since I remember you mentioned using one on your bike. If I could rep you again I would.

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Hey RG, I didn't mean to come across as a smart arse and I wasn't intending that specifically for you. What I was trying to get across is that with the thousands of bicycle speedos on the market, people need to make sure it's right for the application before buying. For example when I was looking for one I must of emailed 100 different ebay sellers because none of them listed the max speed it could read or how long the sensor wire was or what size wheels you can choose!
So yeah, I wasn't trying to be a smartarse mate.

Okay now here’s a nice looking unit:

Introducing the TransLogic Micro Dash 2.
Features include speed, rpm, odometer, temperature, voltage, gear position, shift light and more. Also has indicators for neutral, high beam and options for turn signals.
Priced at £382.97 + £11.75 p/h (to US) from the mfg’s website.
There may be cheaper places out there so get searching if this is what you’re after!

From AIM Sports comes the MyChron3 and MXL range:

You can purchase them either as a dash only or with data logging capabilities.
You’ll want deep pockets with these puppies though, starting at $749 for the MyChron and $1299 for the MXL!

Here’s yet another serious dash maker:



These were made for the track and they mean business. Just take a look at the specs for the Athon:
• Automatic laptimer with 1/100 second resolution
• 5Hz. GPS detection system with aeronautical algorithms
• Calculation of the achievable Ideal Time
• Calculation and visualization of 3 Intermediates
• Digital engine speed indicator
• GPS speed indication
• Engaged Gear Indicator
• Water Thermometer
• Settable temperature alarm
• Max. engine speed readout = 32000; max. speed = 350 Km/h or 218 Mph
• Settable LED bar and Shift Light
• Settable number of pulses per RPM readout
• Double hour counter for engine maintenance
• Bluetooth data download
• Memory of 999 laps that can be managed in 99 sessions
• Storage of max. RPM and speed values for every single lap
• Storage of max. RPM values for every single track lap
• Speed indication in Km/h or Mph
• Settable self power-off
• Settable energy saving functions
• Settable main screen
• 128x64 backlit graphical display
• Waterproof
• Dimensions: width 96 mm - height 74 mm - depth 22.6 mm - weight 125 gr.
• Supply: external vehicle 12Volts or optional 9Volts battery cases or optional batteries.
• Universal installation
• Universal installation• DigiRace-LE software available for download
• Intended use: car - motorbike - scooter - kart - ATV
Visit the site for the full specs on each dash. It’s just waaaaay to comprehensive and it’ll fill a whole screen.
Prices are all over the place for these guys. If you reckon they’re for you, google that shit ‘cause I found hundreds of dollars difference in prices and gave up after the first page.

And I think fellas/fellalitas, that concludes this gauge thread for me. I’ve ran out of material and all I’m finding now is pricey data loggers.
I was going to do a bit on analogue gauges (ye olde needle gauges) but I have no idea on what fits what with all the differences in speedo drive ratios and shite. At least we know the digital ones are universal.
It would be great if someone with analogue speedo knowledge could weigh in.
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