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Need help sourcing Bandit carb Orings

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Trying to start up the Bandit (1200, 1998 model) again after a while and having to tinker with the carbs. For starters, last time I tore into them I replaced 3 of the 4 O-rings that are on the little plastic stems in the bowls. Unfortunately apparently the ones I chose to replace them with were not resistant to chemicals (like gas), so they turned to goo on me. :nuts: Lesson learned, not all o-rings are created equal.

So I'm on the hunt for a set of 4 of these O-rings, here is a couple pics of the original one that was still ok. It just serves as a compression fitter to hold in the plastic stem portion of the float piece.

Anybody know a place a guy can get these? Other than dealer.

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you should be able to go to a auto parts store and find something to work for ya
Ya my only worry is getting o rings that are same as before and turn to goop on me. Does Holeshot or whatever his name is sell these? I think I got my jet kit from him originally.
I work in parts at a dealership, I could check on it tomorrow if you want
does the local zuki dealer not have them? i work at honda but we have other dealers we get shit from for other bikes if u want me to make a phone call and check, pm me. i go back to work on Wednesday
you can get a box of orings from HF for like 3 bucks, and the better (HPFE?) or whatever for like 7. i forget which ones youre supposed to have. i cant remember if mine are viton or the HPFE ones.
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