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Hello custom fighters.

I came across this forum via a google search. I was reading this thread about triple tree/ CAD designs.

I am looking to find someone who would be willing to help me design some triple trees for my next project. My girlfriends father is a machinist and can make them for me I just need to be able to get him a blueprint or file. I am more than willing to compensate the person for their time.

The bike/frame:

1984 bmw r80rt

image by TDL028, on Flickr

I'd like to keep the stock handlebar risers and still have a small cutout to see the speedo (if needed)

image by TDL028, on Flickr

The front end:

2004/05 gsxr 600/750 Showa usd forks
gold/chrome legs, gold calipers
300mm rotors
850 springs
30mm offset, 54mm lower clamp
Right offset ignition top clamp, 25mm bore

image by TDL028, on Flickr


Gold 4-pot tokico

image by TDL028, on Flickr

Custom hub:

Cognito motors gsxr spoke conversion hub

image by TDL028, on Flickr

21" Rim barrel and custom stainless swaged spokes.

image by TDL028, on Flickr

All balls also sells conversion bearings so that I can use the gsxr triples. My concern is that the offset and trail will be off. Thus making the bike handle like crap. I have looked into the math myself but get confused real fast!


image by TDL028, on Flickr
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