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firstly, wahts the difference between floating and non floating discs, thinking of gettin some wavys but i dont know what i have on my bike ???

and also, ive been told if i wanna get rid of my air box i can put 'bell mouths' on the carbs and get the carbs re-jetted. but then what happens to the other parts on the bike that connect to the air box ??

heeeelp !!

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Floating discs are typicaly what you'll find on the front of most bikes, if there are 5 or more large round rivet type things( i dunno what there called ) connecting the disc to the rotor then it's a floating disc, non floating discs are one piece and usually found on the rear wheel.
As for the air box question, i spose it depends whats conected to it, what bike are you modding.

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if you have a bike with ram-air, ditching the airbox isn't worth it.

running individual filters or open bells will most definatly require a rejet.

if you reall want to do it though, the only other thing you have to do is put some sort of breather filter on the crankcase vent.

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haelo said:
Removing the airbox is going to murder your bike.
Well, it depends on the bike. Most of your modern bikes will run like crap with out the air box. Especially fuel injected bikes. Now if it's carbed, some bikes can run better/ or equally as well with out. I pulled the air box off the 900 and did the pods and rejet and it runs just as well. The big thing about an air box is it aids in top end performance. When you're running 140mph the bike is dumping so much fuel, the air box aids in air pressure to keep up with the amount of fuel used.

A lot of the stuff that is attached to the air box is emissions junk and breather tubes. Most of it can either be removed or caped off with small filters.

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Yeah it would lol...

I've been seriously debating it on my ninja, would give me soooo much more space to mount things. I like what Scrappy said about it. Once I'm back in a shop where I can play on a dyno, I'll post up on differences...we'll see how she goes. Don't wanna risk it until I can hook up to my favourite tuning tool, the EGA, and see what happens.
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