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Need m/c and clutch perch for GSXR

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My front end is off an '02 GSXR 750. Looking for the stock master cylinder and matching clutch perch. Not sure what all years interchange on these,but that's what I got. Levers not required.

I've got a super nice pair of rotors for this front end if anyone wants to do some trading.

Whatcha got? Hit me up. Thanks!
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Alright, cool. Ill do some research and see what I'm supposed to be using for the binders.

You got a price in mind?

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Looks like it came stock with a 5/8'' bore m/c. No clue on the stroke yet. 5/8'' is just a tad under 16mm so I'm not sure if that'll work right with my calipers. Still researching though.
I'll find out. 4 pot Tokico's. 4 per caliper(obviously) but there are two different sizes per caliper. Strange.

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16 mm will probably be best. The master from my 916 is 16. Let me know if you are interested and I'll get it down for pics.
I on't see why you'd have any problems running that M/C Shiny.
Which one JJ? The 14mm Busa? .

Mike, I'm definitely interested in your 16. Does it have a integrated or remote reservoir? Price, please!

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It has a remote reservoir. I noted in your OP that you had levers already. I don't think they will fit the Duc so don't expect to match clutch to brake without buying another lever. ...and the master is a lovely Ducati shit gold color.

Let me find the master and get you some pictures. I'll price it right.
Sounds good. And yeah, ill just buy according to what will match the MC. Does the bike the.MC came off of use a cable or hydraulic clutch? I'm full of questions...

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Hmmm. My bikes gotta cable. Might be hard to find a matching clutch perch then. Of course, I've been needing a reason to put a hydro clutch on a CB. This might just be the kick I needed :D

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Hey Mike, definitely interested in the 16mm MC. Do you have a reservoir for it,too? Shoot me a price bud. Thanks!

HOLY SHIT DUDE!!!! When you said ''both'' in your PM. I thought you meant brake MC & reservoir. You meant the MC & the clutch?!?!?!

I'm pretty sure I'm not gay,but I'm also pretty sure I want to kiss you right now. Maybe even a little :shocker:
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