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This is a ittle ways down the road as Im not sure what tail I wanna run but I basically have 2 aluminum GSXR subframes that I want cut up and used to make 1 custom subframe for a custom tail section on my 92 GSXR 750. The beauty of it is 1 of the subframes is already bolted up to the GSXR frame so the mounts and dimensions are already there. Just gotta chop it up so whatever tail I want fits and have it TIG'd back up. I've already got a few really good ideas of what I want so don't worry about indecisiveness on my end.

This is gonna require a lot of communication back and forth as well as time and shipping back and forth and it's gotta be sound enough to not fail on me, so I need someone who's comfortable and qualified to do this as well as someone who can keep an open line of communication with me until it's done. This is probably going to be for the 2014 Winter Buildoff is time frames match up and all that.

I have tons of bike parts to trade as well as money if that's all your after. If you're interested in helpin' a Brother out then send me a PM and Ill give you my number from there. Also for what it's worth I'm in Williamsburg, Va. Holler.
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