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i put my bike on craigslist for shits an giggle an see what trade offer i'd get
well i got couple but one im considering is an 05 katana 600 13,000 miles
3 reasons its an 05 an oil cooled an fuel injected other then that i hate the look but great platform to modifie but it be some time before i can cut it up an do work due to bike resources being low on to the pic

an my bike

an mod list for references

ducati sr4 seat
buell x1 fly screen
one second faster racing rear seat an levers
fmf can an custom exhaust
semi gloss powder coated wheels
fly racing bar
outlaw risers
custom wrinkle paint on frame
comet passenger pegs

just thought i'd get everyone's opinion on katana an the trade is straight up

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well I like your current bike better. how many miles on it and what year is it?

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Have you seen a Kanatunas frame!?
And this is forgetting the weight,
The under powered motor (sure its an oil boiler, and can take a bunch of gsxr goodness but stock...)
Weak cruiser ish suspension
And I am seriously 99% sure that model was never fuel injected to boot.

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only if you need cash, can't sell your fighter. that can of tuna would be easier to move.

thats a 500+ lb carbed underpowered behemoth.

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Your bike= badass fighter, cool paint,
Mods and hours of blood,

Katona= turd.....a stinky one...
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