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Little history first....

This was my first bike....bought it when I was 18 (parents said I had to move out if I was gonna have a motorcycle.....ha yeah:D I moved out! LMAO!)

Then winter came and I brought it up a flight of stairs and started chopping it up in my apartment.

Yup I was single...bahahaha bachelor pad to the max! PB&J sammitches because I was as broke as fawking fook can get! lol

Then fighter fest '10 was coming around and I was supposed to ride over with Michele, Madmame :mm:

I had to start putting it all together FAST!
I believe I had 9days to finish throwing the thing together by the time I had the frame and motor in the same place (at my parents garage.) til I was supposed to meet up with Michele and ride to Carlisle.

But so yeah I threw it together, with LITERALLY a few bolts holding it together.... Everyone that was at the FF10 can attest to how shit-tastic RATBIKE this thing really truly was....

So this build is in remembrance of our absolutely awesome friend, Madmadame :mm:
She's heavy on my mind now that I'm back to working on this bike again....


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So now this brings us to today, November 1st 2013......


How the bike sat today as of like 2pm November 1st, it has been sitting for a long time.
It is a 1989 ZX600r frame
So far I have done the following-
-Cut the frame and welded in tabs to bolt in the CBR900rr motor--motor mounts still arent done.
-Placed in the ZRX rear swingarm--it is not done, it flops all around lol.
-Placed cbr900rr forks into the frame--it is not done, it flops all around.

No idea how I should price this build out.....
Frame was from my first bike I bought in like 2008.
Forks are off a 900rr I blew up and then stuck a 1100xx engine in.
Tail is also off the same 900rr
Engine is the replacement 900rr engine I bought for the blown up 900rr but then found the 1100xx motor the same week and went with that instead and never installed it, it has been sitting in my garage not running for like 3years?
Swingarm was 60shipped? (I'll check paypal records)
Swingarm axle and eccentrics were 24shipped? (I'll check paypal records)
Rear shock was I believe 15shipped (I'll check ebay records)

I went and got some high tech professional fabrication tools to build my rear shock mount today.

Did a super rough idea... I wanted an adjustable rear shock mount.

Copy and pasted ontop of metal and cut out said design.

Did some measuring of shit...

Made some cool sharpie designs....

Tacked shit together...

Did some tedious fitment with a drill bit, angle grinder flap disc, and a file.

Cleaned up my metal mess

Holy mother of god, I spent HOURS getting this all leveled out and angles figured out and texting StreetfighterKZ as he did math and told me what my deflection would be at certain points. (and FYI there will be gussets/supports added to this)

FUCK YES! Finally the bike stands on its own! ANNNND the swingarm angle looks spot on!

My rough idea I have in my head of how the bike will look. 900rr tail that has been/will be narrowed. and building my own "gas tank" which will be shorter and much lower profile than seen here.

Here you can see a really faint sharpie line coming down from the tail light, thinking about changing the angle of the bottom section of the tail and cutting it there.

DUDE, WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! You have a battery in your gas tank?! That thing isn't going to hold but like a half gallon of gas! (yes that is exactly what you just thought as you looked at the photo below....don't worry.)
I plan on getting A123 batteries, but this picture was mostly just to give you the idea of what I'm doing....the "gas tank" is going to house all of my electronics for the bike; the tail is actually going to be a fuel-celled-gas-tank-fairing.:D

Below you will see the professionally cut and electrical taped in piece of cardboard, there back will be my fuel cell in the tail.

Then StreetfighterKZ texted me and said he was good for me to bring up the front end of the bike so we could play with his lathe and figure out spacers for my front wheel and what we need to do to make a steering stem fit my zx frame and CBR triples.
WELL SHIT!!!!! The motor is LAYING in the frame with gaskets all done, and the only way to get the motor out is to take off the oil pan! HOW IN THE HELL am I gonna get the forks out of the bike with motor still in it?!?
Then with a little magic of a floor jack and brute strength I got the front end onto these jackstands---seriously this bike is like it was made for this motor and all this to be done to it!


Oh, and also, I worked on cleaning up the once subframe/gastank mounts that are now mounting points for my tail.


ahhhh....still not quite done tho, the shock was in the way.

Annnnnnnd closed up shop for the night!

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Made my drive over to StreetfighterKZ's garage and checked out his winter build off gpz and tossed around some ideas, then unloaded my bimmer with with my zx600 front end and the 900rr front end we dove into it! Got so much more done today than I think either of us planned! haha

So our first order of business is StreetfighterKZ has a gsxr front rim to match the rear one I'm putting on my bike, so we took that out and threw it into the 900rr front forks. 20mm axles on both wheels so that was easy and sweet.

WELLLLLL not quite sweet, toss the rotors onto the rim and there is like .0001" room for the rotors as seen in the pic below.

Soooo crap since that setup wont work with out, we do some thinking and I say hey the bandit600 you have has a 3spoke front rim! So we grab that and put it up on the front fork stand and take off its front wheel to do some measuring, well it has a 17mm axle that threads into the fork- aka THAT SUCKS. Then HMmmmm LIGHT BULB! That bolt pattern loooks awful close to the GSXR rotor! Measure the offset the rotors!

GSXR front wheel with bandit600 rotors and I am PERFECT! Rotors are also matching up for my 900rr calipers, all I need are some maybe 4mm spacers on them.
I'll have pics all posted up for that once I have it done and have the wheel spacers for the axles done too.

NEXT UP! Now that the front wheel is figured out, time to figure out how to make the 900rr front end bolt into ZX frame.
----YAY, awesome BOTH the 900rr stem and ZX stem are welded into the lower triple.:mad:

Grind off the welds on both lower triples and pop out the steering stem-:mad: the difference in OD of the stems is like 2mm.
We try throwing some stuff into the lathe to make a spacer but there is just WAY too much material to shave down.
Slice off the bottom end off the 900rr stem and bore out ID of it to the OD of the ZXstem!

Roughly done here...

Then with some chamfering and a little tiny file work to take the little bit of run out into consideration we, press fit on the bored out 900rr stem now spacer onto the ZXstem

Then with ridiculously tight tolerances, AKA can't believe how perfect tight it was we got the zx600 stem pressed into the 900rr triple with the 900rr stem as a spacer!

And then with some measuring of the ZX600 ID and the the OD of the 900rr stem, made an aluminum spacer for the top triple with a little shoulder on it to account for the extra threads that would've been on the 900rr stem.

-----------OVERALL, super awesome productive day! 900rr forks are ready to be bolted into the ZX minus needing a weld put on the stem, and then just need wheel spacers to mount the GSXR rim and buy some bandit rotors!

---Thanks Doug aka Streetfightekz for combining resources and getting that thing swapped over!

-----Cost today
1large pepperoni pizza, which I had half of hahahah:D
1 previous use of my trailer to pick up his VFR hahahaha!:D :LolLolLolLol:

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Just got another goodie....I couldn't pass up the deal- I got an antigravity battery with 360 CCA.
6.0_ Long x 2.75_ Wide x 5.12_ Tall
2.5 lbs
------------------------------------now I might also be using this in another winter build off bike I have yet to enter, but regardless $100.00

Sweetness update-
Got my COPs from Piester, woohoo! And holy freakin crap they couldn't be a more perfect fit!
900rr is on the bottom, gsxr on the top, and a gsxr in the engine, TIGHT perfect seal! =SWEETNESS!


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5am and I was up building motorcycles in my garage, drinking orange juice and having a subwoofer blow bass all throughout my garage.... Honestly pretty much living my dream, just can this be my job now? Haha

Got my bandit rotors in the mail the other day....They were dirty lol

Then last night I met up with StreetfighterKZ to pick up some much needed parts!
I got a GSXR front wheel, my wheel spacers that he was able to finish up, and the wiring for my COPs! Gonna be a damn productive weekend!

---------------Here are my bandit600 front rotors on my GSXR rim and the pimpin good lookin wheel spacers! (regular gsxr rotors had too much offset to fit between my forks, the bandits fit in there perfetly!)

Got rid of those stupidly large coil packs and replaced with COPs

This thing is seriously gonna have some beautifully done wiring, I'm honestly EXCITED to route it all and show it off.

And since I am super impatient I threw the front end on just for looks, no bearings or anything in there so the front end is kicked out forward a good bit yet compared to how it will be.

Sooooo sort of kind of bad news. The renthal sprocket I bought is for a GSXR srad wheel----I found I have a GSXR W wheel, the hard way :(
Sooo off with that wheel, and now I'll have to go looking for the proper wheel.

Well since my original plans for the weekend involved having the correct wheel I moved on to other things, but here is at least a shot of my chain space.
haha I'm SUPER glad I went and converted to a 520 chain!:LolLolLolLol:

Kudos to Ratfighter for the sprocket! :rock:
Went digging in my storage bins and found this spacer for my sprocket cover.
Honestly really really excited to build a case saver/foot saver for it I think it is gonna look pretty damn pimpin!

I have no problem admitting I teared up a bit today in the garage. None of this stuff I do would've ever been possible had it not been for my millwright, Grandpa Howe. Wish he could see the stuff I'm building, though I'm sure he can from where he is looking down from.
Ps. Thanks for the bandsaw Grandpa, it came in super handy today....

Not sure yet how I want the top of this panel to look or how the cover for it is gonna be so I just squared it off and rounded the edges....

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Mail came today and brought me my ZX bearings! Wasn't expecting these so soon!

Popped off the front end.

SON OF A BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH! In my excitedness I did a quick test look and then threw the bearings onto the stem, welded it up and slapped it in.
Well guess what. DOESNT FAWKING FIT!

So then I had to grind off the welded up stem again and redo the bearings all over.
Here is my stem pressed up for clearance, and then getting rewelded. fits!....SECOND TIME AROUND :doh: My stupid little kid excitedness got the better of me. TEST FIT TEST FIT TEST FIT! I don't even wanna know how much time I wasted getting this to fit properly today, should've been a two second deal.

YUT-UGHHHhhh!!! woohooo front end is ON!

INCREDIBLY happy with the stance/suspension of this bike!.....Hopefully it dials in as nicely as I'm hoping!

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So after I got done playing with my newly acquired ZX11 I went to the zx900rr project!

Got this in the mail today, $8.95 from Amazon!

Got some spacers dug out of my collection.... First attempt on the sprocket side yielded this
---outside of rear sprocket lined up with inside of front sprocket.

So switch things out annnd I got perfection. Outside lines up to outside!


Rear hanger is all set for a brake caliper....might just steal my ZX11 caliper, but no need to do that now, I'll just hunt ebay for a little while.

So rear end is pretty much done, just need a caliper whenever and gotta put new bearings in the gsxr rear rim as they are SHOTTTT. And I'm gonna be snagging my SS line off my VFR and fit that on here to match my SS front lines.
Oh, and I also ran the clutch cable today, and thinking about putting a damper on here....

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My little shed was getting insanely crowded from working on a total of 6other bikes I have.....
So I spent a little time....ok a LOT of time this morning cleaning it up.....

Started with this.

Workbench mostly cleared off.

Annnnnd holy shit, I have a floor in my mini-garage!

-----Just had lunch and made to back out there with my coffee and to do the wiring!
-------oh also, I bought some new overhead shoplights, and some storage containers. YAY organization and being able to see! I was getting really infuriated with wasting so much time looking for parts or tools and whanot.

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Started at tidying up my electrical yesterday.
First I played a little bit of tetris.

Then I cried.

But then finally for the first year EVER.... I have real heat in my workspace! and might add, really pretty nice heat! I just need to insulate my mini-garage some more and it will really be cookin in there! Can't tell you how freakin spoiled I felt being able to sit in that chair and literally have heat, all around me as it is blizzarding outside!
-For all you guys DWing without any heat, I feel for ya man I really do. I spent way too many years DWing in the cold.

Shortened up my already shortened wiring harness.

End result is, meh acceptable until I get my connectors in the mail. Then I will be making it extremely tidy and laid out.:thumbsup:

Then I found my four rubbers....errrr intake rubbers, and mounted my carbs and checked out my idea for a possible beginning of an airfilter housing.
----Can anyone send some knowledge my way of if I have a housing set up this way, will it result in very poor performance? And if so, what would be recommended to fix it as best as possible with taking the frame into consideration?

Opened up the carbs to do a carb clean, and they really weren't to bad looking, til I really dug into them....then they were loaded with silt...... seriously it looked like somebody went mudbogging with these carbs:doh:

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Well humph! My goal for today before I left for work was to hear the song of my people!
The bike is seeming to say- :blbl: to me.
I've got an IV drip of gasoline to it, the carbs are cleaned, I've got spark, I can see fuel is getting into the cylinders....but no vroom! ARGHHH! HUMPH!!!!

AIR-FUEL-SPARK, sdjgnldfigblfinglkjghl why you no vrooom!?!?

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This might be the end of this bike... might be setting it on fire and walking away.

Spent the whole weekend trying to get it to fire.
Checked everything electronic that I could, all was within spec.
Checked timing and valve clearances, everything was within spec.
Compression is plenty good.
Checked all of my wiring 10x, everything is wired correctly, plugs are wired in series.
Has giant fat blue spark, plugs get wet---WILL NOT even stumble start.
Only thing I can think of that is left is that the CDI went to shit....but will a CDI still have it throw spark even though it is shot?


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Well this sucks.... doesnt look like I will have this bike done in time.

But GOOD NEWS, I did get the bike to fire after redoing some wiring and hooking up stock coils...idk what the problem was with the COPs :( and sucks because I have to get them to work because there is no room to mount the stock coil packs.

Working at building the subframe for it now, and then having an aluminum fuel cell built.
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