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New chain question

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Noob here first time replacing my chain. Do I NEED to replace the sprockets as well?
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the bike has 22.5k mi and I don't think the previous owner ever replaced them. Chain is pretty bad, sprockets to me look like there in OK shape but most likely going to change them to be on the safe side... can anyone recommend a good inexpensive set? looking to spend about $100 on the set
An o-ring chain alone will cost about 120 bucks. Cheep Cheep sprockets will cost u about 30 bucks.

A nice set will run u about 160 bucks or so

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Not too Much over budget. getting my parts tomorrow.
Meh, I say yes just because sprockets are so cheap compared to chains, and a worn sprocket will eat a new chain.
I was taught to always replace sprockets with the chain if they have been used as a set for a good while. They tend to wear as a set. Changing just one piece can cause weird and early wear issues with the new team member.
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Most stock chain/sprox are done at about 20k.

I'd replace the sprockets too. A new sprocket's teeth are flat on top. As they wear, this flat spot gets smaller and smaller and becomes pointy, at which point it starts to curve in the direction of the torque. This creates more friction/heat wear on the the chain.

Buy good sprockets not the ebay cheapos. I've had very good luck with Supersprox, they're not too expensive (front and rear were about $100), and the rear is an aluminum/steel hybrid. I've got about 10k on them and they still look brand new.
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