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Hi there!

I'm really new to this streetfighter thing and stumbled upon this site when looking for ideas for a bike I just got.

First of all, my name is Geir (equivalent to "Gary" in english) and I'm a 23 year old Icelandic viking boy. 198cm tall and weighing in @ 105kg's at the moment for you detailed guys :D

I've owned two OEM bikes before this one ('06 R6 & '09 GSX-R 600) but I wanted something to make "mine" so I got my hands on a bike that needed a bit of love. I also have a E39 BMW who's getting a LS engine when I have the time but I decided to make a bike for this summer :)

So as I knew nothing in particular about bikes at all, I thought I just got my hands on this Suzuki GSX-R 750 '90:

I was told they exchanged the OEM plastic for some other year so I just knodded and drove home with the bike, but when I took off the plastic I noticed the "frame" wasn't what I remembered from the bikes I found on this site. So I ran the license plate number through the DMV and it had the same factory number and registration I was told but when I "googled" the factory number stamped into the "frame" it said it was a Suzuki GSX750F "Katana". I tried finding some info on this and it looks like an old owner had got into a crash or something, found a new "frame" with a body but used the GSX-R engine. After some small amount of thinking time I decided: Fuck it! Let's do this. So so far I got most of the body off:

So this is what I've got so far but I really just got it to the garage like 3 hours ago and had dinner before I got started so yeah, not much time for it yet..

But I'm a SUPER newb in this stuff so any help, suggestions and ideas for a mean ass streetfighter are very sought after by me lol.

Hoping for a good time!

Best regards:
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