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I have been browsing the forum for awhile and even made a couple build threads, but I just realized i never made an introduction post. I have always been into motorcycles but was only able to get my first one back on march of 2013 a 98 Suzuki GS500. Of course I couldn't leave it in its stock form so that brought me to the customfighter forums. Around Oct of the same year I had finally grown tired of the 500 and came across a deal on a 00 R1. Needless to say over the winter I built the 500 for my fiance and am now in the process of building the R1 for me. I'm hoping to maybe meet some new friends here and to get some good ideas on any future builds.

The day I brought the 500 home.

Stock form didn't last long. Took off the rear fairing and added a taillight from a R6.

Wasn't a fan of the orange paint, plus it was faded from someone putting a tank protector on it. So out came the plastidip.

I wanted the bike to have more of a sporty feel so i put on some clubman bars. Unfortunately they didn't fit as they should. I loved how the bike handled with them on the way they were, but with all the weight on my wrists it was to painful to even ride around town.

Next came a new paint job and some drag bars.

Around this time I got the R1

And how it is sitting now at the fabricators shop having the subframe welded on.

And after many months of work and parts collecting this is how the GS500 sits now

Hope you guys like and if you have any ideas for them let me know. I say the 500 is finished, but we all know that a project is never fully finished. Once I get a new seat on the 500 I'm thinking about stretching it another 3 inches just to give it the same look it has now, but with a longer seat.
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