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Hey all! So my brother n i are just about to jump into an 05 CBR RR build. We built it a few years ago but it was fairly straight forward being that it was all pretty much stock(ish). Its been dropped a couple times now n the ferrings are looking quite sad so we've decided to lose all the bells n whistles and make it a bit more stunt friendly. My main issues are wiring and brakes. Ill make a proper post in due time once I'm really pulling my hair out but since I have your attention i may as well throw em out there...Lights and dump sensor. Im thinking about literally just cutting all the wiring out of the front ferring so i can just use all the existing connections. Also how do guys go about rigging up brake levers? Gonna go with riser bars so pretty sure stock levers are going in the trash.
Anyway ill get into it more later on.
Hello again and looking forward to browsing the forum n hopefully getting some solid info.


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