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new guy to the scene, making my first monster

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I grew up among Harley freaks and have a fascination with the low end torque monsters, as high speeds make my insurance go up.
My current project is actually my dream bike, which I found rotting away in a corner, so I look forward to some advice and some great ideas
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Thank you, I have already entered my.information into the beginner forum and am awaiting advice from the masters. Lol
Welcome to CF!
How bout you post up a pic of said dreambike and first tell us your thoughts on the vision.
We can't tell you what to do, only guide you in the right direction mate
This is my bike, 79 kz1300, as for what I'm envisioning for it, imagine a pit bull born with one leg in the back, a fully functional rear leg, like that was the natural design all along, so your looking at its a big mean beefy looking Pit, with a suddenly slimmed down but monsterously toned and built leg. I want to do full performance mods on it(from brakes to Valves, b-v, a bubble front windscreen, pretty much everything on this bike.needs doing, I picked it up from an old shop in my hometown where it had been rusting away, so I picked it up for a good price and rolled it into my suv same hour.


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Theres more information on my specific plans in my other thread, in that one I go much further into details on what all I want and nee to do
Welcome to CF................
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