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Sup guys, ive been a member for a while but never made it to this thread. Well that ends here, Im Lewis and from Maryland. I got a 98 Honda CBR 900rr about 7 months ago and its been a real "frankin bike. "

My plans for my streetfightrer project include:
-ebay 7/8 bars and risers
-koso DB-01r speedo
-some kind of streetfighter mask
-dust seals replaced
-shorten wire harness
-hide electronics under tank
-custom subframe
-pocket bike tail/or ill make one like it
-shorten can
-powder coat wheels yellow
-powder coat frame black
-engine enamel black for engine

Thats all I can think of for is kind of an issue amd so is time. I ride this bike daily and I have kids who dont allow me anytime to work on it properly.

Pictures show from when I first got it to currently chopped up and painted with engine enamel...very sloppy...


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welcome in matey tha yellow looks real good !
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