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Long story short when I was in high school my first street bike was a 1994 CBR 900RR, I sold it when I was 18 (20 years ago) and always wished I had that bike back. 2 years ago I was driving thru a neighborhood and spotted a 93 900RR parked under some guys deck, I stopped and asked if he wanted to sell it, but he told me it didn’t run and couldn’t understand why I’d want a bike that didn’t run. Anyway I ended up getting it for 500 bucks and it’s actually in pretty good shape, it’s a little sun faded, plastics are are not perfect, tank has a few dings etc. took it home and went thru the carbs and got it running. Anyway it’s a perfect candidate for my first street fighter build. If you guys could guild me to some companies in the US to get tail sections, belly pans, headlight hardware etc I’d greatly appreciate it.
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