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Hi All,

My name is Chris, and I have to say this site flat out ROCKS!!! And here I thought I was all alone in my lust for fighters (sniff..). There are some sic looking rides here.

I'll be posting pics of my ride (a 1999 Buell X1) soon. It looks alot like the bike in my avitar (assuming I did that right).

I do have a technical question concerning pictures on this site:

I can't see them. I can see a couple of them, but most of the pics in the posts I can't see. What do I need to do in order to see the pics? Do I need to change my settings? I'm stumped.

Sweet site, though. Thanks!!

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thanks for the compliments. glad you like the site. cant wait to see your pics.

i just linked the webmaster this thread. you shall soon know your answer!!


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The only thing I can think of on the site itself, is if you click "UserCP" in the navigation bar up top, then hit "Edit Options" on the left, then scroll down, there is an option called Visible Post Elements
Make sure all of 3 boxes are checked, otherwise, it must be something with your Internet Browser.​

What internet browser are you using btw?​
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