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Excellent.Bring it on!

For any Late joining members,this is a most rockin site to publish your stuff on. The amount of visitors that lurk around CF without signing up to have their say is amazing. Crhissake! How can you all be so shy?

You could be the next budding bike hoolie that get's his/her first break by getting an article accepted here.

No one will put you down, we may josh ya a little, but be brave....
Just like when you first discovered gravel rash.

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awww thanks BB! :D

Some EXCELLENT features this month...

such as:

"Fighters Around The World" By: Shaun "Scrapyard" Kelly - AWESOME article about the differences in fighters around the world, with tons of great pics showing them all off!

"SV Rally at Deals Gap" By: DougZ - Lots of great pics!

Plus our regular monthly columns:

"Road Ramblings" By: Lost Mcgoon - Great topic this month! EVERY biker should read/live by this article!


"Thinking Around The Box" By: Shaun "Scrapyard" Kelly - Some great tips on tricking out your fighter, and a good lesson: "Keep your eyes peeled, you could find great fighter parts ANYWHERE!"

Plus a whole feature section on the Streetfighter Buildoff with before and after pics of ALL the finished fighters, pics of the parts, and more!

Oh yea, and a little news about the site is in there somewhere too! :LolLolLolLol:

All star !!!
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Hummm, very nice indeed.

I am glad that you made my SV Rally gap piece a little more jazzy as well.

I also like the pics of the clear hose rear res delete kits I sell on Scrapyards piece too..... :D
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