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G'day all

Iv'e been Lurking for about a year now and getting regular emails reminding me I am a member.... So I thought i'd better log on and take a look.....

Well Let me just say that there is a lot of inspiring and useful info on this site and the detail that some people go to is just amazing.

So.. I took up riding as a mid life crisis and now I wish I had done it 30 years ago... :oops:

To date I have owned a few bikes mostly Jap's and all Naked or Dirt.

I recently bought myself a little present. I was actually looking for a dirt bike to replace the one I sold but this little Bandit came up at a price I couldn't refuse so I bought it "as is" with no road worthy or registration.

I was reading this thread by TIM L .. Just let me say.. "That is an amazing thread and I am sure there are more like it" .. I dont want to go as far as removing the engine although I will see how I go but for now I am deciding what to do.

I just love the 4 carbies and how light the bike is. My thoughts are a Cafe Racer style bike with pods on the Carbs, remove the rear and replace it with something a bit shorter. I'd like to keep the seat if I can and build around it.

I have started watching youtube videos on fibreglass techniques and thats an option as well..

Any way. Hi for now and I look forward to sharing my progress with you all.



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welcom in mate we def got tha best from down under here ,many of ya oz and NZ blokes on CF .GL with tha bike lookin forward to seein yer masterpeace unfold .
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