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New member from UK

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Hello, im Symon, been lurking on the forum for a while and just signed up. Im from Portsmouth in uk. Im 19, and got 7 months left of my 33bhp restriction.
Always had bikes, started on a little 50cc moped, moved to a rs125 then to a nsr 125. After passing my test i got a zxr 400, got bored of that so got a zx7r. Then got bored of the sports bike look, so went and got a bandit 600. It was completely standard and ive been slowly working on it.
So far it has
Vapor Digital tacho
Crazy Sparkly Paint Job
1200 Swingarm
Stage 2 Upjet
Renthal Bars
Led Indis
New downpipes and Stubby can
Jacked up
Custom seat
Laser cut patterns in panels
Hagon progressive fork springs
Now for some pics :party-smiley:

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