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Why hello fellow fighters, brats, trackers, caferrsss, and bobbers.

I recently acquired a cbr 600 f4i i got el cheapo wrecked and am attempting to breath life back into her as a modern cafe/brat take.

so far all of the fairings have been stripped and got myself
cb 550 headlight painted the bucket Chrysler pxr black with a lexus pearl with a new h4 clear non sealed beam.
headlight brackets
some bar end mirrors
custom made brat style seat pan from steel that im getting wrapped soon

but the first and foremost part is getting it running; no spark and fuel pump is fried(hotwired and nothing).
here is what ive done so far

changed the relays, didnt do the trick
checked all of the fuses
checked grounds
bypassed tip sensor
checked kick stand sensor
put a 5.1 zenner diode and a couple of different resisters in
(if anyone knows the correct diode that goes in the ignition PLEASE HALP)

still looking for a solution

thanks and hiya!

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Welcome to CF! "Slightly deranged" is a GOOD thing! about some pics, hmmm?? :D
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