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New project.

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Well finally got the bike 2 weeks ago and started working on it this past Sun. Thought I would snap some pics of the work so far. Had to remove the motor that was in it because of a post on the case that the signal generator attaches to was broken. I had a spare block that supposedly had a blown head gasket. Much to my dismay was not the case. The moron that put the motor together didn't clock the crank with the starter gear and the crank was advanced 30 degrees. So you could only rotate the crank a 1/4 turn. So the fun began. So I took the head off the other motor and put it on the one that supposedly had the blown head gasket. Didn't want to take a chance on bent valves. That took about a day and a half to figure out what the hell was going on. So got it back together and started putting the motor back in the bike and low and behold one of the holes to mount one of the bolts to the frame was cross threaded. Got that fixed and called it a night. Going to start running the harness, jet the carbs, and hopefully start it tomorrow. Unless some other thing is screwy. I guess I shouldn't bitch since I only paind $1500 for her. Oh if you cann't tell its a gixxer 600 with 750 front end.
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