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I bought a 14 Road King and I hate the seat it's comfortable enough, but for me it sits to low and to far forward and puts me in a cramped riding position. The bike I just sold was a 06 RK and I had an air ride Police Solo Seat on it. It wasn't the best looking setup in the world, but man was it comfy.

It set me tall in the saddle and farther back and I loved it. Also the extra cushion from the air bag made for a real smooth ride. The new setup does away with the airbag and tank and uses a coil over shock which I find more pleasing to the eye as you don't have all the extra parts to deal with.

Now the bad part, I talked to the parts department at the HD dealership and I just can't by the whole seat and mounting system as a kit. I have to buy all the parts seperatly and make my own kit. Total cost $767.00. I am going to start shopping on EBay and CL for parts and what I can't gather there I'll by from HD. I just hate putting used parts on a new bike. They are going to have to be in like new condition.
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