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Hey guys I finally got my shit together for my headlight. Every time I see my bike now I smile.

I used the headlight from the Honda Grom and retrofitted a projector I had sitting around. Here's the original bike:

I took a gamble as I didn't know how big it was or how it would look on a full grown bike but it turned out great:

I used the gauge mount from my old Aztek8 kit for the gauges, 3x1/8" aluminum stock as the "chassis" for the headlight and 3" L brackets (I think) for mounting the headlight to the fork (I used the old horn holes- I can still mount the horn). I used some other crap I had lying around (41mm fork clamp and short aluminum stock) to stabilize and aim the headlight. Works really well.

Here's the parts you need:

(1) of #3 (33110-K26-305)
(2) of #2 (33101-K26-901)
(1) of #4 (33126-K26-910)
(1) of #8 (90101-GJ6-000)
(1) of #9 (90307-GJ6-003)

(1) of #3, 4, and 5 (61321-K26-900, 61331-K26-920ZA, 61332-K26-920ZA)

You have to figure out how to mount it to your bike but like I said I just used aluminum stock and a handsaw. Took me a couple of days to get 100% as I had to drill and redrill until I got it right.

Bottom line, a nice, functional, OEM looking alternative to some of the stuff people are doing for not much more (if at all) than other headlight alternatives. I lucked out and got a CF shroud on Ebay and the bike looks phenomenal in person.

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H2C Projector Headlight £49 $82
H2C Carbon Headlight Cover £42 $70

It is an order from Thailand, but they take PayPal. With the OEM shroud and brackets on that headlight, you're not much over $130. Not tested myself, but I've been giving serious thought to buying an MSX, as I think they look more fun a barrel of monkeys on speed.

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if ya dont mind. how much all the new light parts cost you?
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