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Hey all.
I am new to the Custom Fighters page and to the world of sportbikes entirely. My name is James, and I am from Southern Illinois. I just began my expedition into the universe that is Sportbikes with taking a trade on a rifle for a pretty well maintained 1993 GSXR 750. Had it looked over by a mechanic and serviced, so the engine is mechanically sound. It does need new body work which is why I decided to take on the task of giving it the "street fighter" look I have in my head. I have not started yet, but will begin the task of taking off the plastics and going from there. Any and all help as I create a thread for my build will be much appreciated! I look forward to learning from all of you here at

If I may, I would like to start off with a question: After removing the plastics and all, what is the best to do with the air intakes left hanging off the sides of the bike where they fit through the pastics?

Attatched are a few pictures of the bike. Thanks!


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