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Hello my name is Paul and I live in Carterton, New Zealand.
I own a 1987 Suzuki Savage.
I have installed a WISECO high performance 97mm piston to replace the stock 94mm.700cc
I have had the rear hub re laced from a 2.75x 15 to a 4.25x 16 rear rim. Which has enabled me to run a 170 mm the rear instead of the maxed out 140 that stock Savages can only manage.I could easily increase the rear to a 180 - 200 if my stock swing arm would allow, but it doesn't. Which brings me to your site. I was looking at pics from 2010 build off, where one of your members customized a Savage. I would like plans as to how he made this custom swing arm.
I have custom forward controls which doesn't fit the standard Streetfighter.
I hope with some help to continue to create something different.



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