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New ZX-7R owner from Kansas

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Hey all, name's Taylor. From Wichita, KS, and just bought a brand spanking new to me kind of bike! It's a 1997 Kawasaki ZX-7R. The best way for me to describe it that it's a project bike that someone gave up on. I put $1800 on the table to counter his asking price of $2500 and he took it. I paid $1800 for a fresh fluids change, a recent carb cleaning, almost brand new tires, low miles, and plenty of potential.

Things it needs immediately:

Front and rear turn signals
Complete rearset kit

Things it needs in the near future:

New gauges (speedo/odo/tach combo preferred)
Wire/cable management
Tail section bodywork
Good cleaning/tightening


New headlight/running lights
Paint job (matte black or white)
Full tuneup/dyno

It's had the subframe chopped and a Ducati 898/1098 tail section put on, but the undertail part of it was completely neglected. I bought an undertail part with rear turn signals to solve the problem for now, but it still needs a lot of serious work.

If anybody's got information on installing speedo/tach/odometers, I'd love to hear it and I'd like to see your recommendations for a 97 ZX-7R.

and now... PICS!

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Welcome to CF. Good to see another 90's ZX7 fighter project. :rock:
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Welcome to CF the Ducati tail and exhaust looks good on there
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Welcome to CF.............
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welcom in mate

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Thanks for the welcome guys. I finally got time tonight to ride her and man is she fast. I'm guessing I hit 150-160, I blew by my brother on his Suzuki SV650 going 135... She is very rough around the edges. I'm gonna take off a few items and snap more pictures later tonight for you guys to help me through some wiring and some cleanup. I'll try to post those late tonight or tomorrow.
Welcome to CF Taylor, from an 'old' Kansas girl here! ;) I am ridiculously fond of Kawis & yours is a beauty! Got your gear?? At that speed, know...:D
Well this bike has officially been declared a winter project bike! With my schedule and moving between my last semester of college and my shop in a city 2 hours away, I figure I'll do everything right the first time.

Now onto the pictures!

My riding buddy, my 17 year old maniac of a brother's bike and mine side by side.

Chain, transmission, and motor all sound great!

Open air feels great!

Stripped it down tonight to get to the electrical harness. Took off the seat, Ducati tail section, a weird bracket, the airbox and filter, headlight and front windscreen. All the electrical is exposed and I labeled things that were connected so I don't lose myself in everything.

And now for a couple goodies for you guys to laugh at...

Here's my 5 minute bailing wire exhaust fix. Slip-on wouldn't stay on.

Found this little goodie underneath the gas tank, not wired to anything. Haven't tested it on any sort of voltage but it looks okay. Possible an accent light in the future?

I will be reposting the teardown pictures in a new project thread here in just a few minutes! Stay tuned, folks.
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