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I got Fuck`d. Just want you all to se how to get yourself fucke`d when baying a bike without see it first.
Fuuuuck : ) But I have an ide, why not try rebuilding it.......

someone had made some spacers of a HANDLE BAR ?? and just used a hacksaw, it obviusly did NOT work, as the wheel started trawelling and started eating up on the sides of SUPER EXPENSIVE ISR racing 6 caliper brakes, not to much though, can be saved, looot of other problems also, broken barings in the rear axel and bushings, broken fastner for back breake (it was not even fastned??) Bike was TOTALY unsafe to drive, got about 500 yard on it:::::::::: FUUUUCK
Decided then to totally restore it.
Got in contact with some proff, with tools and started.

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