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Suzuki gt750 1973

So i got this bike that was "cold blooded". I know as well as everyone else that cold blooded is just a craigslist way of saying (not working right).

the guy said once it warms up it runs great. it was firing on the L and M cyl but not the R, so i tested the coils and they all work. i pulled them off the mounting bracket and removed the plastic plug on the end. then i connected them one at a time to the L cyl connectors to see if they all sparked. they did. so then i decided to test the ohm resistance in the wiring harness to see if there was a short. everything checked out so im left with the points system. the points system is brand new and you can see the parts are new. i read on another 2stroke forum that you can test the resistance for ohms on your points to see if they are good or need cleaned. they all cleared and they look clean as it gets. when i put the coils back together and plugged em in (with the plastic plug attachment re-installed) and testest the spark, non of them are sparking except for the R cyl but it is only sparking every now and then.

can someone please tell me step by step what to try. i feel that this bike is a good 30 min of trial and error away from running perfectly. the last thing i want to do is buy new coils and an electronic ignition system from newtronic, if i dont need to. i would rather just get this fixed. could it be a ground issue? anything will help. if you need pics let me know.

if any one feels inclined to call and give me a over the phone walkthrough that would be cool too. i can pm my number to you.
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