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Hey guys,

Figured I would throw out a quick hello. I'm Jeff from Calgary Alberta Canada. I'm an engineer and huge auto enthusiast.

I'm new to bikes, but not automotive projects or forums... I'm fully aware of the search button

Anyways, here is my first streetfighter project. I plan on going all out on this bike, and its turning out to be a fun and complicated project.

The forums have been a great help already with the dirty bar setup, although the GSXR top triple seems to be quite a bit more difficult than anything i've seen.

2008 GSX-R 750


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Hey Jeff, welcome to CF!

We don't harp on people for not using the search button here, for the most part ;) We are more of a tight knit community rather than a bitch fest like most other forums. You won't find "what is the best oil" threads or "what chain should I use" BS around here.

Post up a build thread in the project bike section and keep us updated.

+rep for a quality intro. Looks like a good start to fighter status! I've always had a think for 750's, maybe someday.
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