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Not really a noob from Houston Texas

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I say that because I used to frequent the forum under the user name Sinners Saint. I just stepped away for awhile to deal with my health and life in general. Finally getting back to the point that I can get another bike so I'm considering building my old VTR1000f back up. Tore her down years ago and left her sitting because I had to have back and shoulder sergury. Healed up and then one thing after another got in the way of doing anything to the vtr. If I dont fix it I'm gonna find something to build up and ride. :wheelie:
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Welcome back, i stumbled across your old thread when i was researching VTRs. You can't remember your old password? A mod might be able to get it re-set for you.
Welcome back....good to see you're healed up and ready to ride again
welcome back.
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