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The bay of E is my typical go-to because I'm a cheapass hack that has so far avoided them damn doctor police in the white coats

I'd probably snap up this one 03 suzuki sv1000s SV 1000 STATOR GENERATOR ALTERNATOR MAGNETO COVER | eBay because it's like 10$ more than the next stator I saw and it comes with a spare cover for when you throw ol girl down the road in the future, which seem to go for like $130+ by themselves, no brainer

As for a flywheel, well... seems you're looking at $300-500 new, and the only one on ebay right now is also almost five hunnit

I poked around a little about it and found someone on a forum saying this "They are on backorder through Suzuki as the co who makes them for Suzuki was washed away in Tsunami. If you look at my thread Magneto magnet repair DIY you will find the anwsers you are seeking. " so that's... that

Partszilla claims you can have one shipped in 3 days for three hundred bones though.

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