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Forearm of Steel
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I guess I'll throw mine up. Probably the best chance of winning while everyone's working on the buildoff bikes.

Bike: 1997 Kawasaki ZX-7R
Miles: Under 6k

List of mods:

Dominator headlights
Bikemaster LED turnsignals
Flipped clipons
ProGrip handlebar grips
New controls
Bar end mirrors
Vapor TrailTech gauge set
04/05 ZX-10R throttle tube
Motion Pro Cables
Kawi Kleen Air mod
Wrapped exhaust
Chopped Yoshi RS3
Black and white paint job
Pro-Tek Rearsets
+4 ignition advancer
Completely new wiring harness
Custom fiberglass tail with integrated R6 tail light

Pic for the voting:

Other pics:

Progress pic but still decent:

Best of luck to other entries!

Hack in a barn
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Alright lets get some more action in this contest!

Was going to wait until I had the 1200 swapped in but what the hell I'll toss in my sportster, affectionately known as the "Barley"...

2002 Harley Davidson sportster 883R.

Stock frame with the passenger seat frame horns cut off.
Stock rear fender cut down after the passenger seat hole. Plate mount and tail light mount welded on.
Stock tank and paint.

Here is the rest:
17" buell wheels front and rear. 170 rear tire 120 front.
buell aluminum swinger from a X1. With modified buell swingarm mount block to work on the sportster's frame. Both powder coated black.
buell mono-shock rear suspension conversion.
buell S1 front forks and triple trees.
buell S1 front brakes.
Easton 1-3/8" bars and risers (great for the vibes!)
Motogadget mini speedometer.
Mustang seat.
Freedom performance 2-1 exhaust for 04+ sportsters.
And probably some other stuff lol...

* Use this first pic for voting please *

Now let's see some more bikes! Can't be hard to beat a damn 883 sporty!! :fu: :)

EDIT: if you are still reading, I built this bike before I signed up here. I still have it and ride it though and if you are looking to see the whole build here is a link to a build thread from a different forum...

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Alright Fuck-O's after Much Self Debate in saying "Man I'm Never Entering" Hopefully it Will Serve as a History as to what I've done to me bike. through Photographs. Forgive me as Some of these Pictures are Not of my taking. More than Likely it was Chad, Al, Danny, Casey, Andy or My G/F.
be Fore Warmed My Bike is not Complete nor will it ever be As im always tinkering that and I ride every day son.

Bike: 2003 Bandit 1200
Modifications:Headlight from chf50 scooter
Hayabusa Front end with Dirtbike Handlebars
Painted Side cover and oil cooler deflector Robbo Green with Matching Modified Key fob
2008 CBR1000rr TailLight
Modified Stock Seat for Long trips Ala Jimmy Buffet
Currently no Tail Plastic (workin on it Damnit)
Cut Mid-Pipe with no Collector at the Moment

From when I got it: 11/11

When I Started Real Transformation: 2/12-ish

FF12: 07/12


thats all i have to show right now

PS. Enter and you are guaranteed to Place above Me

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So this bike is currently in pieces getting rebuilt bigger and badder since my motor went puke.....just building this one very slowly as I've got some other bikes being built first, and this one is going to be my ultimate turboed machine.....
If it basically being in parts at the moment isn't acceptable as an entry, my apologies...just was thought I'd enter it in here as I saw there was a desire for more bikes and I never entered this one, as it was never done yet lol.


900rr frame and tank and tail
Blackbird 1137cc motor fitted inside
Spiegler top triple with LSL dirty bars and SS brake lines
CRG levers
Random headlight lol.

----------Pic for voting

And others.... sorry for the lame same angle kind of photos, I seriously couldn't find a picture of the other side of it.

Uploaded with

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This is my 1993 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade. My first street bike and street fighter. Only working bike I have left since I totaled my DRZ hitting a deer.

Mods List

-VFR800 SSSA Conversion, Lots of machining and custom work to make it mount properly
-NOW running a VFR800 rim and tire. The 18" rim with 240 ruined the bikes handling.

-Bowen Upholstery seats covered in carbon and liquid silver vinyl with red piping
-Erion Racing exhaust, shorty can and upswept mid pipe
-Billet Manual CCT anodized red
-Wave style rotors of unknown origin
-Galfer dual braided brake lines
-Kawasaki risers mounting Moose racing handlebars to a stock (drilled) CBR triple clamp finished with superbike gel grips from progrip
-Chopped down gauges
-Mini speedometer, Started at 0 miles for Ratfighter, I got it with 699, its now up to 1400 miles
-EBC HH pads
-Tapered head stock bearings, new wheel bearings, everything in between has been cleaned in the process
-7" round headlight from a Suzuki. Mounted with vintage era motorcycle engine mounts and custom clamps with mini turn signals
-Wiring chopped and routed under the tank, all unnecessary electronics relocated centrally on the bike
-CBR600F3 right side control housing and throttle
-Folding Bar End Mirrors
-Coolant reservoir relocated in the tail
-12V power source on handlebars
-Barnett HD clutch springs

I got this bike from the almighty Ratfighter as a project. I finished the massive undertaking of putting a VFR800 swingarm on a first gen fireblade. To my knowledge, this is the first time its been done. At the very least its the first time its been done to this level of perfection.

I Hijacked his build thread, look near the end for the latest juicy bits of info.

Fired up the CBR today, went out for a cruise and got some nice pics. 33 Degrees out, it was COLD. Need more winter gear...

I would like my first pic here to be used for the "voting" picture.

Warming up for the ride
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