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Hi guys!

I just wanted to introduce myself.

i have a gsxr600 2007. i bought it without really knowing wtf i was doing, and now im realizing just what horrible shape its in. basically, the previous owner crashed the crap out of it and then did a half-assed job of putting the wrong year fairings on it that he got from some salvage yard.

so now im streetfightering it and getting it into correct mechanical working condition by doing all the maint. required.

I'm working with a much more experienced motorcyclist i met on some other forums. he's helped me learn to ride and is now helping me get stuff bolted back on to this bike.

Ive got dominator style headlights put on it so far and we are currently struggling with the trailtech vapor. Looks like it doesnt interface at all with my current speedo harness aside from maybe the power and ground wires.

I bought this, and now im just trying to figure out how to wire this and the headlights up to what exists on the bike.

Ive got some before pics of the bike for now. After pics will need to come later. we're dealing with some issues on the bike and its not much more than a frame, 2 wheels, and half an engine right now.
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