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Enter here for the October 2013 FOTM.

Must have 50 posts.
Must be your bike.
Include list of mods.
Include 4-8 pics, and mention which one you'd like used in the voting.
Deadline is the 20th, voting goes up on the 21st

Other posts will be deleted.

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2nd up.

I'll have another go then...............

One from the UK.

Now how many cbr1000rr streetfighters do you see????

The bits I can remember;

There are a few years of modifications here, so this is off the top of my head…

Full carbon bodywork (tank, tail, mudguard, hugger, all trims and guards, fuggin love the stuff).
PIAA headlights in aluminum nose cone. LED Rear strip lights with hidden indictors just under the rear end. Lights flash for brake.
Modified subframe with carbon RC211V rear end.
Ohlins shock, Ohlins forks and steering damper.
RSVR OZ forged wheels with custom spacers, billet sprocket carrier and modified brake hanger.
Brembo Mono-block callipers
Full Akrapovic exhaust system with Leo-Vince can as the carbon end piece looked better than the Akro' one.
Moto-gadget speedometer mounted at the front of the tank, M-unit and hidden key-less G-lock. Rev-lights mounted around the top of the nose cone.
Billet top yoke with renthal drag bars. Oberon mirrors and very dirty renthal soft grips.
STM slipper clutch with windowed cover (that was a right pain the arse to do and keep a slim profile).
Carbon filler cap.
PC3 with 2007 injectors and air-box. Heavily internally modified air-box with PAIR system and flapper removed.
TenKate bell mouths, HRC cams. HRC kit ECU.
Gilles rear sets with MTM reservoir. Gilles rear wheel adjusters and lifters.
ISR master cylinders
Carbon braided lines.
Mesh sprocket cover with Renthal sprockets 1 down front 2 up rear.
Well fucked tyres. :oops:
Much messing about with the electics to clean it all up and get it all working in the way I wanted.
And other bits and bobs that you don’t see straight away and that I can’t think of at the moment…….

It's been a few years evolving and being riden at the same time so must have missed a few bits.

It's not on here for votes, but votes would be nice. Its really on here because Im proud of what I've done off my own back with all the ups and downs that come with building bikes. Thanks to my wife for putting up with me and the nights spent on the bike rather than her. By the way....... this is proof that we didn't need a new hoover and I NEEDED the rear shock. :)

Voting picture please.....


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Right then.

I'm thinking of selling one of my bikes so I thought I would put both on here to see what one gets more votes. Just thinking at the moment..........

I've got a GL1500 in build, a VFR750 as a box full of parts and not enough hours in the day to ride and build and work and sort the house and build my T4 van, and, and........ now wheres the broom?
Here we have my twist on a cafe racer / street fighter.

Custom one off trellis frame.
Triumph Speed tripple running gear with a few twists.
Fireblade tank chopped and welded on the bottom to clear the filters.
Billet yokes.
Ducati monster seat and cowl unit on custom sub frame.
Full custom system. Not quiet.
Cone air filters.
Various machining, polishing and painting.
Led rear lights and indicators incorperated into the Lucas units. Full custom loom.
VFR800 masters with shorty levers. Bar end mirrors.
Billet pegs.
As you can imagin, there are other things I've done and missed out.


Voting picture please.....


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