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Spoooky Halloween vibes! It's like the September FOTM didn't even happen! Apologies to all, there seems to have been an administrative error, so we'll just start taking entries for October with the usual rules, Yan, Robbo you are welcome to enter of course:

Enter here for the October 2018 FOTM!

Come on lads, get your rides in the FOTM pile! Pester anyone you see in the members project sections you'd like to see here! Got a bike that didn't win previous, now's your chance!

The rules:

- You must have a minimum of 50 posts
- 4-8 good pics of your bike (and tell us which one you want used for judging)
- List of modifications and such
- Must currently own said bike

Past entries allowed providing
1. you did not win
2. you've made measurable upgrades since last time

Non-winners will be rolled over from month to month for up to 3 months throughout the year, to keep things interesting!

Non-entry posts in this thread will be deleted.

Deadline is the 21st before we start voting.

V four honda whore
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Bout time i should enter
97 VFR finally road ready, just bought 4 years ago totally crashed for the ones who doesnt remember.
Things that remains stock or unaltered.
Frame/engine/swingarm/rear wheel/most of controls.

I like the first pic the most

Sent from Erics moms house

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think I've got enough done to warrant entering. Bike is built, it runs and I've ridden it . still needs the grown up legal stuff .... but...... fuck the man ....(but not really, cos he'll impound my bike n crush it )

started with this unfaired K4 GSX-R1000

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car

ended up with this

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Chopper Tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Motor vehicle Spoke

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Rim

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Rim

loads of standard stuff here (try keep age relayed plate)

GSXR front wheel (BRAKING /Oz after test)
GSXR brakes (monoblocks after test)
braided Hel lines
reshaped aftermarket muddie
GSXR forks
titanium caliper bolts
billet adjustable offset yokes by me
pattern MT headlight with added kevlar
billet headlight mounts by me
aluminium / led indicators
Accossoto brake master cylinder
Hel clutch res pot
Accossoto clutch perch
Piaggia clutch switch
Renthal fat bars
Renthal bar grips
GSXR switchgear
nylon bar ends
billet bar riser by me
Ohlins steering damper
billet damper mounts by me
GSXR rad
GSXR oil cooler
aluminium tube frame by me
K4 GSXR1000 engine
NRC engine covers
PAIR blank plates by me
K4 throttle bodies
RAM AIR foam filters
Motogadget M-unit
Motogadget M-lock
USB socket
Healtech speedo healer
healtech exhaust servo eliminator
elextrex world mosfet reg/rec
JMT lithium ion battery
K4 gsxr clocks with kevlar backing and Ti mount
Wiring by Adrian @ Ginger Motorcycles
billet rearsets with Ti footpegs by me
kevlar heel plates by me
kevlar and fiberglass tank by me
billet filler cap by me
SV1000 tail light
kevlar and fiberglass tail unit by me
aluminium tube subframe
aluminium undertray and subframe brace
aluminium overflow tank with standard coolant lid
aluminium tube swingarm by me
paddock stand hangers by me
GSXR rear wheel (Braking / Oz after test)
Nitron shock
YZF-R125 seat
Deep Impact Blue paint by Deeks
GSXR Ti headers
Leo Vince SBK carbon Ti can (cheers @SEBSPEED)
link pipe made from Leo Vince stainless link pipe
GSXR rear caliper
Hel line
behind wheel plate mount

think I remembered most things

few things I'd have done diff with the experience garnered thus far, but this is the culmination of a 33yr ambition, I made the jig for the frame and arm, I made the bender to bend the tubes..... I helped build the shed it was built in

it's a mix of hand formed parts, manual machining, cnc work (don't believe the hype that it's just button pushing), loads of things I been practicing for years and just as many things I learned as I went

I'm happy with it for a first frame up build
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