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Include 4-8 pics. Decent lighting and resolution.
List the mods and any info about the bike.
Note the pic you would like to be used for voting.
Include a name for the bike, if you want.

It must be your bike, and you must have at least 50 posts.

Voting goes up on the 21st, or as close as I can get to the 21st.

All non entry posts, and posts that do not meet the requirements will be deleted.

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in fer some colour at least

started with a dead old beastie :(

got munched up in tha shop a bittof weld here and there ,paint and bits and bobs from all over tha USA ,lotta help with parts from me mates here and some around local.

KZ1000 motor and frame
GPZ 750 swinger from my good mate SHIFT'
R1 dual shocks
Machine work on rear end hardware by FLINT'
Robbo subframe
KZ 900 tailplastic
GSXR front end~ Ala Adamsky :)
Drop down triple gifted ta me from Tagalicious (luv ya mate full ****)
Other stuf I caint remember

moar pics when I findem ;)

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Might as well throw mine in.
The Bitsa
1982 Honda CB750SC
2002 GSXR 600 front-end
88 CB1000 swingarm
95 CBR900RR rear rim
Custom subframe
95YZF seat
2004 CBR 1000 intergrated tail light
1978 CB750 SOHC gas tank
2007 GSXR switches


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Well it doesn't have a turbo and I didn't start with a wheel, a cylinder block, and a tank, but it was pretty dead when I got it and I've put quite a bit of work into it and I'm damn proud of it.
Just got it rebuilt from my crash (except the tank) so I thought I'd enter, it's more fun to vote when there's more choices.

Build thread is here:

1992 GSXR 600
Subframe and tail made by me
Taillight made by me
Instruments made by me
Started with a junker with no compression that wouldn't start and nothing really worked, spent many hours in the garage with some hand tools and a buzzbox getting it to look and work like I want. It still needs some work but nobody has touched it but me so I'm proud of that.

Shiny I did crack the gauges I guess. I didn't notice until the other day. Luckily it's just the cover.

Thanks to everybody that helped and supported me in my build thread and in other threads.

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