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Oi Oi Oi! A Yank Builds Hisself a Proper Motorbike out of the Feckin' Ugly MT-07

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Howdy mates!

I'm here in the States and have recently discovered the joys of "built not bought," and though I've never really been a streetfighter kind of guy, I've always admired the aesthetic and even built a few...well, not really streetfighters but what we call "ratbikes" here in Northern California.

Anyway, I've always loved middleweight Twins--I've owned 4 SV650s--so when I got a ride on the FZ-07 back in 2014 (MT-07 across the pond and here now as well, after 2018 I think) I was like, "Man! I gotta get one of these!"

So fast forward to 2019, and I decide it's time to sell my EBR 1190SX and get an FZ-07. It's pretty pristine, and since I bought it I added a few doodads, fixed the front end with cartridge emulators, added a K-Tech shock and enjoyed it...but the problem is...

-Not the cheesy front end and low-tech brakes
-Not the flimsy, plasticky build quality
-Not the midrange flat spot


It's motherfucking ugly as fuck, that's the problem! A face only a mother could love. The FZ-07 looks as if Matisse dropped acid, got food poisoning, threw up and then sketched his vomit. Not one single angle or line flows into the next with any grace. It's awful. Everything else I can live with, but jeez...I want a bike that I can look at without making excuses. "Sure it's ugly, but it's so much fun to ride!" can be said about a lot of things. We don't have to go into specifics.

So what to do? Well, the nice thing about the FZ (should I call it an MT to avoid confusing you?) is it has good bones. A slim, light and minimal frame with a very narrow, compact motor. Here it is nekkid:


I mean, it's pretty much ready to rock, right? So here's the plan:

R6 front end (I already have the parts: 2007 YZF-R6, same as in the photo above, but with 2005 triple clamps for a little more rake)​
Race tank cover (which I already have)​
Race or street tailsection...I'm not sure where to go with this. Could be:​
...the race glass designed to fit with the tank cover, or...​
Buell XB9R tail...​
...a generic race or vintage-bike tail.​
Another idea I had was something like what Oberdan Bezzi posted to his website (I'm a big fan of his!)​
Pretty sweet, eh? The plan here--if it's possible--is to order a fiberglass tank from Airtech Streamlining and have them mold it without the bottom, so I can use it as a tank cover. I'm not sure what we'll do for the rest of the bodywork.​
Anyway, my build partner is my good friend Al, who's also on this forum, who has already helped me build a custom DR650 street-tracker-supermoto thing, and who has designed and built some crazy-amazing shit in his basement.​
Also consulting/possibly assisting is a new friend, Jerry, who has built some incredible custom bikes in his garage.​
So chime in to the discussion thread and give me your thoughts, feedback and critiques.​
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I dig the "generic race or vintage-bike tail". keep posting, looks like a good base to work with.
Thanks, but please only post in the discussion thread: so we don't get all cluttered up in here.
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An update!

I now have all the parts I need for the 2005-207 R6 front end swap. It took a bit of doing, and now on second consideration I think I should have gone with a later-year GSXR or Ninja front end--they're a LOT cheaper, as Yamaha doesn't sell as many bikes. Anyway, lesson learned, and I was also able to get the proper bearings for the swap from Zoran at TWF Racing, an awesome dude by the way.

I also spoke to Max at Airtech Streamlining, and he said he's actually done a bit of custom tank work. When I asked if he could make a custom cover like the Oberdan bike above, he said they know "Obi" and sounded very enthusiastic--not what I was expecting at all!!!

I also made a leap of faith and bought a pair of 1-inch-rise clip-ons from eBay...for $30 shipped! Yes, of course they're Chinese, but the quality looks pretty good...and hey, a steel bar is a steel bar, and the clamp looks well made and finished...we'll see how well it stands up but it's $170 less than the Woodcraft equivalent...sorry Woodcraft!

Oh, and I also bought a MIVV full exhaust on eBay--from an Italian seller! I should save a ton of money if it actually shows up ha ha.

I should also mention build-friend Al is off his hooves at the moment recovering from a surgery (ouch!). But hopefully he'll be up and working next month. That's when I'll wheel the bike into the workspace, put it on stands, and strip the bodywork and front end. That's when the three of us can start measuring and figuring out how to do the tank cover and tail/seat.

As always, help us out with comment and suggestions in the discussion.
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Look! This is happening! Lots of little nightmares, of course, but we're almost done with the front-end swap, and the new seat and tail rack kits arrive soon.
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So it's now rideable! Now that I've got the tank cover on, the bike doesn't look so I think I'm going to keep it like this for a while.


The JvB Moto parts arrived...and now I'm thinking, do I really need them? Which is a bummer, as I shelled out almost $900 for this stuff (which is very nicely made, but still...)

Since I didn't read the contest rules and failed to upload a pic of my bike pre-contest, I can't really enter, so I'll probably not post much here for a while.
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Updates! Ity's been over a year since I sort of finished the bike. New rear shock, bodywork, seat and M4 exhaust and Horpower airbox and ECU tune! Great-looking and it rips. Wet weight is under 390 pounds. Take that FZ7R!

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