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British Bloke in Canada
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Some one Locally said to me, Feck, your just wasting your got to keep your bikes stock

on that Note,
1998 GSXR 750 SRAD

2002 GSXR 1000 engine
2002 Loom, ECU, etc
Smart TRE
Titanium Headers mid pipe
Disabled and removed Exhaust valve
And ECU wire mod.

relocated Oil cooler, utilising 350 Chev transmission Cooler, with AN-8 steel Braided hosing and Earls 360% fittings

Custom frabrication

All Engine mounts are difernt so adapter plates were fabbed

1998 SRAD tank ( original srad Gas pump ring removed) and 2002 gas pump ring tig welded in

Yoshie TRS CAN shortened to 300 mm (about 10 inches cut off) repacked and a VW Beatle Baffle installed

Aluminum Ducati Monster Front fender altered to Fit
Aluminum Ducati Monster Rear Tail Fin adapted to fit
Aluminum Ducati Monster Rear Tail reshaped and cut down for Nose Fairing
1 off water jetted custom sub frame
front Headlight bracket made from Standard GSXR clip ons with the bars removed
Polised engine Cases

twin 4 inch spot lights reworked for headlights, one high one low with Halo effects
Custom 1 off coolant overflow tank made from aluminum Vitamin jar and earls hose and fittings

Virago pull back bar risers Mounted on Drilled srad top triple clamp
KX 250 wide motor x bars

66mm Aluminum CAR COOL AIR Intake modified to fit GSXR ram air ports in frame,
Aluminum mesh installed inside new ram air tubes so I don't suck up small birds, rabbits or elk.

1 off Aluminum Exhaust Bracket mounted from rear set

custom fabricated PVC Dash face

Standard GSXR 1K seat, cut down Seat pan and upholstered using REAL PLASTIC ALLIGATOR SKIN

Radiator covers Made from Dumpster Diving Aluminum Truck Tread plate

Bought SHit
Votex stator cover
Clear alternatives 2003 R1 rear Led lights with integrated Signals
Led Signals with 10W 5ohm inline resisters to slow them fuckers down
Steel brake lines
Frame sliders
CRG Brake and clutch levers
CRG BAR Mirror, worth every fecking penny.
Rear view Camera, already saved me from the fuzz!!

Stainless bolts everywhere possible
Lazar Cut carbon fiber looking decals
GO FASTER R stickers, for added horse power.
giganormorse OLD school 10 way steering Dampener
Union Jack Sticker, cause Im British!!! GAWD DAMN YOU.
stock 98 chassis is 4 inches shorter than the 2002 1000
and the 98 chassis also has a steeper rake.
60lbs lighter than the stock 1000
148 rwhp
Making this more fun than you can shake a stick at.

Total cost so far $2500 Canadian

Future mods,
Paint.......Nah bollox
New clutch Cover with 4 inch window, Nearly finished, we are just waiting on Milling Machine time.
VORTEX rear sets- next purchase.
Dry shot No2

Function IS Form
19 Z900, 88 Kat11
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Brembo 19x18 master cylinder
dual steel braided brake lines
fiberglass race upper
quick-remove WAVE headlight
GDG rearsets
Pirelli Diablo Supersport tires
520 chain w/ stock size sprockets

I don't understand people who think spending your money on something you want is a waste? What the fuck is the point of working if you don't?

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lets see if i can remember everything....

1994 CBR 600 F2:

1995 CBR 600 F3 motor painted flat black
1998 Carbs with Stage 2 Jetkit (will need rejetting after new exhaust finished)
APC Manual CCT
Dual shortened cherry bombs under engine exhaust w/ modified stock header and custom baffles
Custom tubular steel subframe, hand fabbed, all wiring, rear brake reservoir, coolant, ecu, reg/rec, etc hiddin in subframe
2005 GSXR tail with passenger seat and swappable solo cowl
Hand build undertail with custom LED signals
2005 SV650 tail light
2004 CBR 600 RR rear suspension, swingarm, rear wheel, and rear brake - swingarm modified to fit frame, all suspension brackets and linkage removed from original and custom mounts for new pro-link fabbed, hand machined pivot bolt, custom roller bearings
Swingarm holes filled in
2005 CBR 1000 RR front suspension, front wheel, and brakes
Ohlins Steering Damper
2005 GSXR 600 clip-ons and controls, wiring changed to work with f3 harness, modified throttle cables, modified 1000rr brake line to fit in gsxr master
HID headlight, fabricated special harness so it can't ever fry the stock harness
F4i Gauge cluster with custom white LED backlighting and white/red LED tach
Wiring all located to inside of frame rails and tucked up in subframe to remain hidden

Planned this winter -
Factory Pro Racing Stator Cover (already bought)
Factory Pro Racing Clutch Cover (already bought)
Vortex Rearsets (already bought)
Dual shortened yosh tri-ovals with Ti header (already bought cans and a header off an 03 R6) and custom header mount brackets
Pro Taper EVO bars (already bought with risers, just need to measure lines)
Stainless brake lines
Stainless radiator hose (not cover, actual stainless hose)
Stainless sleeves for all engine wires
Put motor back togeather, hope it starts!
Finish sanding filled in swingarm, powdercoat swingarm and frame
Finish GSXR HID retrofit project and make custom housing - or start new HID retrofit into V-Rod headlight *undecided*
Possibly new custom bodywork, depending on time
New paint

I know i'm missing stuff - i'll edit if i think of anything

Beginning of summer:

TLS Fight Time
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Satin Black Powder coat everywhere Forks, Frame, Swingarm, Subframe, Rearsets and misc brackets

K6 GSXR 6/750 headlight and front fender both modded to fit

Modded stock fork lowers fender mounts to fit K6 fender

Custom made headlight brackets

Zombie tail modded to fit

Shortened stock seat

Full 6061 custom subframe and under tail all tig'd up, used stock tail light

250cc scooter battery relocated to under tail section

Wiring harness chopped and re routed

LSL Superbike bars and triple

Relocated stock ignition under tank

pazzo shorty levers

Motogadget gauges

Custom made gauge mount

CRG LS bar end mirrors

HyperPro RSC damper, custom made harris knock off mounts

Carrozzeria Forged V-Star wheels

Brembo 999 rear brake caliper

GCraft billet rear brake resavoir

Custom billet rear brake hanger removed stock torque arm

Custom billet front sprocket cover

Pro tek rearsets

Bitubo rear shock removed rotory damper

Racetech Fork rebuild including Springs, Gold valves, and hone bores

Galfer waves all around

Galfer braided lines all around

Maxxis SuperMaxx tyre's


Ivans TRE

Two Bros header with Arko shortened Ti can

Modded stock airbox

BMC filter

Full dyno tune

Driven +3 rear sprocket

Drag specialties Billet rear blinkers

Custom made LED plate light



10yrs old

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