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Parts off my 1983 GPz550, will directly swap with a 1982, but may fit other Kawasakis of the same vintage.

All prices are make offer unless noted. Dont know what its worth, so you tell me.

Wheels - Front and rear 5 Spoke wheels, painted black.
Front: 19x1.85 Has a Spitfire 100-90-19 on it with minimal wear.
Rear: 18x2.15

I think i have the axles for this and the cush drive is on there as well with a practically new 38 tooth sprocket. You may be on your own for spacers, but I can look at what I have. Save these from the scrapyard. If they dont get sold soon, they will turn into beer cans.

Rotors - All 3, some grooving, but all GPz rotors I've seen have the same grooving.

Calipers: Full Set. One front caliper has a crappy bleeder screw repair I think the master Cylinders are still attached


Gauges - about 12000 miles. Works great. $50 I have a pic of this one:

Seat - Modified professionally, tiny little rip on a front corner $40

Side Panels - Kinda bunged up, original paint

Lots of other little pieces, just ask
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