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F2 with fairings removed, F4i Tail.

This bike is ready to go with a clear title. I ride it almost every day. Lots of new parts installed recently to keep the bike in good nick for some time.

Recent Work:
NEW Continental Tires
JT Sprockets and RK X-Ring Chain. -1 Up front
Steering Bearings
Clutch Cable
Oil Change (probably has 1000 miles on it now)

Have some spares to go with:
New Choke cable
F2 Seat (crappy)
(2)F2 Tail/storage box/blinkers/tail light in great condition
F4i fairings in various states of (dis)repair
Radiator Hoses
Front Fairing Frame
Radiator Fan

$1900 $1500 OBO

Great bike for someone on here who wants a runner! Long trips/short trips. This is my go-to reliable bike. I'm just making room for a lathe in the garage and my Kawi is almost finished.

See Below for pics
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