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F2 with fairings removed, F4i Tail.

This bike is ready to go with a clear title. I ride it almost every day. Lots of new parts installed recently to keep the bike in good nick for some time.

Recent Work:
NEW Continental Tires
JT Sprockets and RK X-Ring Chain. -1 Up front
Steering Bearings
Clutch Cable
Oil Change (probably has 1000 miles on it now)

Have some spares to go with:
New Choke cable
F2 Seat (crappy)
(2)F2 Tail/storage box/blinkers/tail light in great condition
F4i fairings in various states of (dis)repair
Radiator Hoses
Front Fairing Frame
Radiator Fan

$1900 $1500 OBO

Great bike for someone on here who wants a runner! Long trips/short trips. This is my go-to reliable bike. I'm just making room for a lathe in the garage and my Kawi is almost finished.

See Below for pics

Chief Breakshit Engineer
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Just thinking out loud here, but I might be stupid enough to think about riding this thing to Saint Louis, MO the weekend before christmas. As long as weather isnt terrible and it all works out. If you are around there and want the bike, let me know.
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