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Hey guys,

Need your help please.

I recently laid my bike down the road, and well the road won.. So i will be Street Fighting my bike.

I was hoping someone could throw together some quick images and mock ups for me, Please.

Looking to get an idea of what my bike would look like with:

- Fender Eliminator (Just cut out the plate)
- Belly Pan
- Different paint color.. Body (All black, or color scheme as displayed below in image #2)
- Upside Down Forks

Feel free to mix and match, mock up your own colors and or schemes, as i wont be starting the project till next Monday.

Below is an image of my bike.

Example of color scheme: Base color on Bellypan, Body, Rear, Front fender, With stripe

If i really like someones creative idea i will find a way to commemorate them on the bike as a great thankyou for your time.

Cheers! Greatly appreciated

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Hi buddy if you could post a full side on profile pic of your bike it is easier to get reference images for new parts and swap them about.
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