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Hello everyone,

I have a frame for a 1972 Honda CL125s that needs a paint job before reassembly. I have done a good amount of welding and have quite a few pieces of unpainted steel on it. So it will be sandblasted and painted. I'm after a durable satin or flat black finish. I don't want to use rattle cans or powdercoat. So I am looking at three option right now,

POR-15 or similar type treatment-

2K aerosol cans-

2 part acrylic single stage automotive paint through a HVLP gun

What do you think is my best option in terms of durability? Im not so much after surface quality, I just want color that will be resistant to chipping and fading. Not too worried about rust resistance as the bike will never be in the rain and will always be stored inside and kept clean.

Let me know what you guys think,

Thank you!

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POR 15 is supposed to be decent but probably not on the top of the list for the best durability. I'd skip the Eastwood aerosol cans as I've read several people say they have had problems with the cans not spraying completely.

If you have spray equipment I would definitely go with a urethane automotive product or purchase a cheap spray gun if you don't have one.

I don't want to rant on about safety equipment but make sure you are using a new mask that is certified for use with the type of paint you are using. The activated charcoal filters have a shelf life after opening so get a new one if it has been out of the package more than a day or two.

On to the paint. I haven't sprayed this myself but have heard the TCP Global Hot Rod Flatz is an excellent reduced gloss paint.

Another good choice would be Southern Polyurethanes Matte Black.
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