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Painting Frame and Fender Questions - rattlecan

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I changed my Bandit frame and now I want to cheaply blend it in with the existing silver plus paint my fireblade front fender that I cut up. I took a fairing in and matched it to some automotive Toyota (I think) touch up paint. Also picked up some high build primer and 2 part clear coat.

The guy at the paint store told me that primer wouldn't stick to plastic unless it was ABS so I grabbed some Krylon stuff for "most plastic" as well because my fender is PP. I hit the fender with the Krylon last night after scuffing it up and cleaning it. My plan was to sand it out a bit then use the other primer, paint, and clear I got for my frame.

Some questions I have:

Do I need an etching primer for the bare steel on my frame? Some of the area I'm painting is raw tubing and some has some powdercoat (was a handlebar at one point).

Is my thinking correct on the front fender? I'm hoping the Krylon will stick good enough and I can primer over it.

Do I need to wet sand the paint or just the primer then clear?

Any tips on blending the silver in with the existing frame? There's not really a line to divide it up so I want to feather it in somehow.

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Well I found out that the Krylon shit comes right off with mineral spirits. The dupli color filler primer doesn't but a few spots I sanded through the Krylon came off. Guess I shoulda wiped it with alcohol instead.
Fuck! The places where the Krylon shit came off are screwed. Have to sand it all down and start over. This fender might be the end of me.
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