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Hello All,

Several Parts that I wanted to share with you all before they go up on Fleabay. Will be going up in a two days (Thursday 19th Sept.). I want these gone, but I wont sacrafice too much in money (i.e. Don't low ball me!)

First 91 Honda VFR Single Sided Swing Arm. I will not break this group up for parts!
the Whole Shabang! Wheel, SSSA, Shock, Brake caliper, master cylinder (needs rebuilt), sproket, and some other parts I can't think of. See Images.

Second 91 Honda VFR Single Sided Swing Arm:
Just the Swingarm that's been powder coated black. See pics and send me questions if you have any. I'll do my best to answer. I was given this one so what you see in the pics is what you get.

I have a pair of Pazzo Razing Levers (clutch + brake): I will only sell both at the same time. I will not sell them seperately.
There is slight rash on the end of the clutch lever from when I went down several years ago. Should be easily cleaned up. I'm selling cause I'm selling my trackbike (made it street legal again) and put the stock levers back on.

TL1000R (the best one!) Gas Tank:
It has a large dent in it right behind the fuel lid. See pics and ask questions. Rust free! It came off my bike and it works great.

06 GSXR 1000 hand controls:
These came off of a front end for my project bike. I'm not going to use em so you can! See pics

06 GSXR 1000 bar ends:
See pics.

trunk lock:
see pics

Best reasonable offers get em!

As for shipping, you'll be paying it. The SSSA's are heavy... especially the one with the wheel. But you already knew that.


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I think I found your eBay add. Did you separate the wheel from the rest of the rear end on eBay? I see here you don't want to split anything, which is fine since I'd like the whole setup for my Kawi. I'll make an offer within a few days. I may have some money on the way.
Not on Fleabay yet.

PM Sent.

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