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huyner said:
i've used for a while now, using the microfiche, but i've never noticed that they had a parts match section. :ninja:
That is freaking awesome, and ya know what? It's going in the informative links section.... and you get some rep points! :cfrocks:

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endo said:
But you'd be amazed how many people don't know how to use a fiche!
you mean like, catch it, cook it, eat it???

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Ron ayers is the reason I found out which rear sprocket to get.

I had a 95 gsxr rear tire, but not sure if it was from a 750 or 1100. I needed to know so I knew which sprocket to get. When I compared the 2 part #'s from both bikes, I realized they were the same.

RonAyers isn't fool proof. I was looking for bolts and nuts for the 636 shock I have. They didn't have anything listed. When I went to a Kawi dealer, they had it on their fiche.

That site is also good if you took apart something and forgot to take pictures and now you don't know how to put it back. Just pull up the page and follow the arrows.
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