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2000 SV650
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After noticing a puddle of gas beneath my bike I started to take my tank off and discovered that the diaphagm vacuum plug that that keeps the petcock from leaking must have failed because the gas just started pouring out the fuel line. This filled up my front carb and front intake tube of the cylinder. I used a syringe and a fuel tube to remove most of the gas and it looks like the intake valves were closed when this happened because I stuck a fuel line into the cylinder via the spark plug hole and tried to suck out some gas with a syringe. It seems like it is just air in the cylinder so it appears that the valves are doing their job.

After I clean the carbs and figure out if the float needle is leaking as well I should be able to just put everything back together and start it up right? I just want to make sure I'm not going to break anything.

Also, since no gas got in the cylinder I shouldn't have to change my oil right? I just changed it and would prefer not to waste the oil, but I will if it would be safer to.

Thanks for help!

Not all the valves are sure to be closed so theres a good chance fuel has got into the oil, have you checked the oil level ? does it smell of fuel?

seriously its not worth the hassle of not changing the oil for the small amout of money it costs
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