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I have purchased a fiberglass tail. The ad said it was a 600rr. Does anyone know what year it might be?

my bike is the zx7r. i would like to use the existing seat. Should I cut up the subframe and get it welded or try to make a new subframe or look for a 600rr subframe to make it fit?

I searched for pics or this topic and came up with these.
600rr tail mounted

this is simple looking and maybe within my abilities

more inspiration

and another bike specific pic for my idea

i dont want the fairings just the tail on there.

any suggestions are much appreciated. i want to work on a plan so im not without a bike for more than a day or two.

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This is my bike, the tail on mine seems to be a little lower than those that your looking at. My bike is also a zzr600. So I'm not sure the differences of where the subframe would bolt up. The tail that you linked is an 04-07 cbr1000rr tail. The 600rr may be the same that year. I used the cbr subframe and had brackets built to bolt it to my frame. I built the seat using the back of a cbr seat for that tail and the front of my zzr seat.

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Chop up the subframe and make it all fit using off cuts of aluminium etc fix it all together and get it welded. You could probably just pop into a fabricators and say you will pay cash and they will have it done for you on the spot for £20/$30 (that's what I did with mine) can all be done in the same day, then if you want to make it look pretty just nip into a spray shop and they could probably spray it back within 2 days, then your not off the road for more than a couple of days.

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