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Possible FZR750 for the wife

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I have just responded to an ad in one of our local classifieds for a Yamaha FZR750

Not looking t0o bad in the pic. Apparently in fair condition overall.

Indicator switch is burnt (or something to that effect) and the rear wheel is noisy with a slight wobble to it apparently. The guy reckons he has ridden it like that and it is apparently not too bad but I know I would definitely fix that first before I would ride it.

And it is still licensed too because 90% of the bikes in my budget are either smashed, "stripped for repairs" or don't have any papers.

Sold the Honda CD200 Road-Master I had today and the plan with that money was indeed to get something bigger for my wife.

I just need to check out this FZR properly and maybe even be an ass with a truck-load of questions to the seller before I make my final decision. I don't want to go buy a "cat in a bag"
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i bought a suzuki some years ago from a professional mechanic (his words) and that also made a noise and wobbled. anyways, took the back wheel off and our professional hadnt put the spacer back between the cush drive and the wheel, but on the outside!! doh..

Well, all I can say is I am quite upset right now. It is about a 60 to 70 mile trip there...about halfway there the guy calls and tells me he's got bad news...another guy that also called today pitched and took the bike! I thought I was gonna swear at him so the sea couldn't wash him off! Sortof kept my cool and just in disappointment told him that he knew I was coming and his excuse was that the other guy called before me in the morning but he didn't think the guy was gonna pitch...but he never bothered to tell me there is another possible buyer. the end I totally lost out! At least I still have all my cash in my pocket...maybe it just wasn't meant to be mine :-(
that sux! Mebbe tho fer tha best .Now time ta look ferra Kawasaki for tha missus mate;)
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