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I had a 2005 speed triple for about a year and put 20,000ks on it. I bought it after writing off my gsxr 711. Not sure if there are any differences between 05 and 06, maybe the forks changed to black.
The triple motor is a fucking great street motor (I have an mt09 and my Vfr fighter at the moment). It doesn't have the top end of the Gixxer 750, but what it does have (unlike the z1000) is a monster bottom end and midrange. It reminded me a bit of my 1200cc 711, but without the top end rush.
I only sold ten speed triple because there was nothing I wanted to change, apart from new bars and a radial MC. It already had and amazing sounding M4 can.
Sold it and got the Vfr fighter project and a drz400Sm as a commuter. A couple more trades and the MT is now the commuter.
If you are looking for top end rush, it's not the speed triple. If you are looking for a bike with grunt, it's the one you want.
As you can tell, I love triples as street motors. Although they do make me do wheelies from every set of traffic lights.
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