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Premium membership? This is why

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[ab420] 11:25 pm: yea he can, I made him a VIP for helping me figure out the problem
[coteesh] 11:26 pm: I'm all fuzzy, that's why i wanna get nekid soon
[coteesh] 11:26 pm: feelin it
[ab420] 11:26 pm: arite, you just got demoted back to regular member lol

There's more where that came from if you get a premium membership, kids.
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[haelo] 11:31 pm: the internet is where I make fun of people who are inferior to me
[skr00zloose] 11:32 pm: we're not worthy
[haelo] 11:32 pm: my AIM name is Master Haelo
[haelo] 11:32 pm: so I can pretend that everyone I know refers to me as The Master
[skr00zloose] 11:32 pm: i bow down before the deathbird riding master
[skr00zloose] 11:34 pm: hayabusa= japanese bird... really fast... bird of pray....
[skr00zloose] 11:34 pm: ah, nevermind
[haelo] 11:34 pm: Hayabusa = peregrine falcon
[haelo] 11:34 pm: hits 200 mph on its dive and also eats blackbirds.
[ab420] 11:35 pm: lol
[skr00zloose] 11:35 pm: thats what i was looking for.. couldn't remember the exact bird
[haelo] 11:35 pm: EATS BLACKBIRDS
I was surrounded by Honda boys. I had to use caps lock to defend myself!
Cerberus will eat your baby, your girlfriend, and your mom.

At the same time.
kinda slow tonight in the lounge
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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